it’s a girl!

Well, as far as we know so far, it’s a GIRL! We just went today to a private 3D ultrasound facility that showed us (4 times) evidence that we have a girl on the way – see tiny arrow pointing to “lines” in the picture. In all honesty, it’s hard to tell what parts are doing what in there to me, but I suppose that’s why people get paid to do ultrasounds (and why no one’s paying ME to do that)…

We’re super excited! I think I’ve convinced my sweet husband that RED is the new PINK.

And assuming there are no surprises, her name will be ZOE, the Greek word for “life”.

Middle name is still up for discussion, any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “it’s a girl!

  1. Red is the new pink! I totally agree. We never went for the pink thing. Virginia’s room is red and blue :)

    A baby girl! Very sweet. I love the name Zoe.

    Exciting news :)

  2. yeah!!! another Johnson girl…they’re feisty and I love them! so excited for you guys and to meet Zoe…which is such a great name! Keep taking good care of yourself Susie, and Bart, keep taking good care of her! Love cousin Katy

  3. Congrats on the girl news. Zoe is a great name. Consider family member names on both sides for middle names. It’s a link to the family tree that lives on. Plus its a huge honor.

  4. Zoe Claire
    Zoe St. James
    Zoe Ruth
    Zoe Jane
    Zoe Willikers
    Zoe Henrietta
    Zoe Louise
    Zoe Fantastic
    Zoe Marie
    Zoe Real
    Zoe Druid
    Zoe Apple
    Zoe Indigo
    Zoe Michelle
    Zoe Speaks
    Zoe Umberto
    Zoe Roma
    Zoe Nanette
    Zoe Lucinde
    Zoe Rialto
    Zoe Travis
    Zoe Therese
    Zoe Lemon
    Zoe Joy

    1. Love it, Don – I’m going to take the first 2 letters of each of your suggestions and work out thing WOW – OR just go for Willikers or Umberto, my 2 favorites. And I’m hoping “Zoe Speaks Johnson” ends up being a true statement ;)

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