My sweet husband is out of town for work, so I spent my first unchaperoned evening pregnant & alone last night. Mmmmm… Taco Bell. When daddy’s away? ;)

Clearly I’m not meant to be alone in this. You may not know this, but Bart Johnson is responsible for about 97% of the food that enters my body (even pre-pregnancy, but especially now)! And he’s “a little” excited about this fatherhood thing, so mommy food gets extra special love & care (some might call it scrutiny). I’ve even eaten chia pet seeds (hidden in a nutritious breakfast bar). Can you imagine what our child will get?

Bart’s friends Brad & Jenn sent him some cool Fatherhood books, one of which he took on his trip, and my what he’s learned. Did you know… when you rub the bottom of a baby’s foot, it spreads its toes and “grasps”. One of the many fun-to-watch baby reflexes we have to look forward to!

I can’t wait to hear what he learns next…

Funny thing is, before this pending Fatherhood thing, I couldn’t get him to read a book start to finish – he couldn’t even finish Bob Dylan’s memoir and that was shocking. Keep reading, Daddy!!

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