too early to nest?

I thought Nesting was supposed to be a last-minute event? Not for the Johnsons…

Bart and I spent all day yesterday Spring Cleaning. We set a goal of getting 220 items OUT of the house, and I’m proud to say we exceeded it! (Bart says Goodwill was happy to see us, but apparently this is “Spring Cleaning Season”, so he was not alone). Kind of scares me for all the things we’ll soon have coming IN to the house. Everyone says “you’re going to need so much stuff” – I just don’t want it to be true.

In fact, as opposed to spending time making an awesome baby room filled with all the necessities, we’ve taken on creating an actual “Guest Room” with an actual bed in what used to be the junk room/office/close the vent to save energy because we never go in there room. Yesterday, my industrious husband even hung blinds! We’ll post pictures when it’s a little closer to guest room status.

Then on to the baby room! Bookings for the guest room begin early August ;)

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