once upon a time

So what we haven’t done yet (though I get asked a lot) is read to the baby or play classical music – or the Grateful Dead if Bart Johnson has his way – apparently babies can hear in there already? I have no idea how one can know that for sure, but hey, this whole thing is a mystery to me. Why second guess it?

Tonight, we’re breaking out the Swedish Fairy Tales. Yep, my husband the 100% Swede (ask him) will be listening intently I’m sure. Gotta start somewhere… Other than the fact that Bart has a deep appreciation all things Swedish, the reason we HAVE this book is that one year for Christmas I went nutso on eBay and purchased some crazy old Swedish items for my Swede:

  • Swedish Cooking (copyright 1971)
  • Swedish Food (copyright 1951 – signed “Lovingly, Mother”)
  • Swedish Egg Cup (wooden, dated 1925)
  • Swedish Cutting Board (see above)
  • “Carve It Yourself” Dalarna Häst

And of course, a book of Swedish Fairy Tales that I bid on fiercely to win. Wish me luck – I hope it was worth it :)

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