maternity shopping

Let’s just say I knew I might not be the typical mother-to-be… but yesterday I had my first real Maternity clothes shopping experience. My sweet husband took me to an actual maternity store, where believe it or not, I found some of the brightest colors out there (come on, bigger AND brighter sounds like a cruel combination).

I grabbed all the black stuff I could find (which was not much), while the super helpful sales lady brought me pink shirts, bright teal dresses, and acid washed jeans (which I did not buy). To be a trooper, I mean, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here – maybe mothers are supposed to like pink?! – I tried on everything she brought me. My mother would be proud. :)

But I walked out with a brown dress & black leggings, and headed to H&M and bought a stretchy black tank in Large. This shopping thing is going to be interesting…

2 thoughts on “maternity shopping

  1. Just promise that I won’t ever see you with anything that says “baby” with an arrow down to your stomach.

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