Halloween! Spooky.


We love Halloween!! And usually it’s a mad Cher-like costume change period from the moment the pumpkin patches open until the Trick or Treat bags are full. From our cruise post you saw pirates & Pink Ladies. The Olly post featured Pocahontas & a ballerina. For the school parade, we had a (same) Pirate Zoe and Ella the Skeleton. I liked “skellaton” but she didn’t get it.

Anyway, when real deal Trick or Treating came around, we had what you see above: A Pink Lady ZOMBIE, face paint done completely by Zoe, and not exactly Rapunzel, but it could be. Again, Rapunzella, right?! So many great Ella spelling jokes. Oooh, does Zoembie work? Hmm. I digress a lot.

This year the girls had a new buddy for Trick or Treat: our friends’ daughter, Addie! She made a gorgeous Elsa, and here they are with our friend, Alex:


Together we all headed over to another friend’s neighborhood nearby that has nice people and lots of candy – but not a bazillion kids and super scary stuff. There were a couple of haunted looking houses but tame, though I’m willing to bet in the next few years Zoe will be interested in the scary stuff, given how much she likes to read scary stories…

But not this year!

This year, unlike most years, we actually got to our destination before dark, which meant we got some really fun pictures of the kids. They were willing participants, even though there was candy nearby and none of them have much patience for parental hijinks.

And here it is – 2019 Halloween, documented!


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