Meet Olly.


This year Ella is in TK (that’s Transitional Kindergarten, for kids who turned 5 after the cutoff for Kindergarten – from Sept 2-Dec 2 in LA), and her teacher is marvelous! She’s new to the school and great at teaching not just “academics” but also how to be a good human.

Each week she has a Superstar of the Week, and that person gets to take home Olly (the otter in Ella’s bike basket above) for a week. Since the kids can’t write or read yet, parents get the “opportunity” to journal Olly’s adventure in a book that gets passed around and attach photos. In early October, it was our turn.

Below is Olly’s Adventure with Ella (and Zoe):

As all good otters wish for, our Olly got to go through a real CAR WASH! But don’t worry, we all stayed safe and dry.


(Yes, I’m THAT MOM. The one who convinces children that chore type things are fun.)

For some ACTUAL fun, Olly got to go with us to see a movie: Abominable, a sweet story about the adventures of a young girl and her “pet” (who happened to be a yeti, but still). Thankfully the Sherman Oaks Galleria was decorated for Halloween, so he also got to meet some huge spiders.


After the movie, he got to visit (at his insistence, of course) DSW, a shoe store that’s conveniently located right below the theater. He even tried on some kicks.


Of course, what would a school otter visit be without some cold, hard academic work? So Olly helped Ella with some math and enjoyed some sister time reading a book (he liked the mouse book and then just wanted a cookie).


The grand finale was a trip to a huge pumpkin patch, Underwood Farms, where he spent time with Pocahontas and a cute ballerina, dressed for the occasion.


I mean, how could an otter possibly have a BETTER time than Olly? Funny you should ask that. Not that it’s a competition (though isn’t it?), but the book that gets passed around is basically a record of how cool your parents are – or aren’t.

Sure, at Josh’s house (name changed to protect the innocent) Olly got to read books with Grandpa – and at Mary’s house (also changed) he was very supportive through Mary’s cold.

SIDE NOTE: Seriously, why would a parent admit that IN WRITING knowing that their snotty kid (IN PHOTOS) is snuggling with that same otter? That’s a gap in this plan if you ask me… In fact, we just got a note this week that “Olly is on break because he’s dirty”. Think that sweet teacher is frantically trying to find a new Olly? I do.

Anyway, I of course hope to WIN Olly Foster Parent of the Year. And in my estimation, I did – and since I’ll probably never see that book again, let’s just agree on that.

I’ll bet Olly misses us terribly. How could he NOT?



2 thoughts on “Meet Olly.

  1. How horrified would you be if you were the family that had Ollie before he was taken out of commission for being dirty? Maybe Ollie’s down at the courthouse this week registering his name change: Germie.

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