Never too late for Easter


Easter in June! Why not? This year for Easter (in April, along with everyone else’s Easter), we headed to GA to spend time with family. The swing above is a tree swing in my sister’s front yard, a kid favorite. Want a little time shock? Check this out:

APRIL 2018


NOVEMBER 2015 (same swing, same kids)


I know I’ve said it before, but I now realize what “old people” used to tell me about time. It really does pass quickly. My favorite saying for parents of small kids: “Long days and short years.” So true. Check out THIS swing picture:


My gorgeous niece is 15 years old! FIFTEEN! I rode in a car with her DRIVING IT. Seems like just yesterday she was a 2-year-old who wouldn’t stop touching the breakable things on my bookcase or double-dipping her chip in my favorite guacamole…

It was great to spend time with her as an almost ADULT, who is super smart and talented. She plays piano, french horn and ukulele – and has an incredible voice:


And don’t think my nephew isn’t equally impressive. He’s 11, can play any video game that exists, taught me some things about my iPhone, and is filled with helpful facts. Like how plastic Easter egg containers will stick to your face with sufficient inhaling:


But I digress. Our Easter adventure included visiting family and friends, several Easter Egg hunts. It was exhausting…


Shawn and I took my mom to a belated birthday dinner; Mom watched the kids for a Parents Night Out “dinner and a movie” (Ready Player One); and we visited lots of extended family in Canon, GA, population 800 where I spent the first decade of my life.

I only realize now that I’m home and blogging that I failed to get pictures of the family events! Lots of great food and hugs, including Zoe and Ella meeting their cousin “Baby Kate” and Zoe, Spencer & Sophie riding around incessantly in a golf cart at Pop & Nannie’s while Ella collected rocks. I’d like to think I was PRESENT vs. taking pictures of “being there”, which on one hand is a win.

Back at Chez Lieth (my sister’s house), we enjoyed Pfannekuchen (I’d say that’s German for “crepe” but my German-American brother-in-law who makes them might hurt me for that…) Pretty sure he had his first PEEP PFANNEKUCHEN™ sighting this year:


And that pretty much wraps up Easter (get it?)

Oh, Bart may appreciate me mentioning this before I go: Although this was a trip to see MY family (date ranges which I picked), he ended up having to fly solo with 2 little girls across the country due to a change in my work schedule. And everyone survived!

Our girls are pretty great flyers (remember, Italy?), plus, who wouldn’t want to share a row with these two angels:


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