Halloween, the Prelude

I love Halloween.

It is my wedding anniversary. It was my grandmother’s birthday (in fact, we sang Happy Birthday to her at my wedding reception, along with 140 of our closest friends). Another fact: Every year we watch our wedding video on our anniversary and get to see that moment (and lots of other wonderful ones) to remind us how lucky we are to have one another and our amazing family and friends.

While for the past several years the costume part has been focused on our children, I used to live for Halloween and get excited about what costume I’d get to wear. And one of my favorite pictures of me and my sister is this one:

Wonderwoman and Superman

Not much has changed, as you can see.

Halloween these days begins as soon as the junk hits the stores :) We have window clings up, spider lights, this year a wall decal, and we head to a pumpkin patch to ride some ponies in a circle:



This year we got sick and missed Zoe’s Fall Festival, but Ella’s school had a small festival of their own, where we played games like digging in spaghetti to find eyeballs and squirting silly string at a spider web target. And of course, dancing on hay bales to a little Hall & Oates:



And we haven’t even gone Trick or Treating yet!

We HAVE however tried on every costume in the house, including this one, which is too big for Ella (though Zoe wore it at 3 years old) and too small for Zoe, who was worried about her belly hanging out – but who is supposed to be wearing a Jasmine outfit tonight with full, intentional midriff exposure (we’ll see how that goes):


I’m typing this post from Temecula, where Bart and I went for a brief getaway to do some wine tasting to celebrate our anniversary. Bart’s awesome parents are watching our girls, including getting them ready for “school Halloween” and handling our normal life moments as well. Toughest part is usually getting them out the door on time for school, and each morning Grandpa Bernie has texted us pictures of a dressed and ready Zoe ready for school with minutes to SPARE… Oh, the magic of grandparents!

Soon we’ll be driving home to get those cute kids ready for a spooky night of chocolate and giggles, with a forecast of 64 degrees (that’s near freezing for LA) and a 15% chance of rain. Wish us luck!

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