Turkeys ‘R’ Us

cousinssanta2016So first of all, I’m sure you noticed I skipped Thanksgiving. Not to worry, I didn’t “skip” it. It’s just a longer story than my short attention span would allow.

Like last year, we flew to GA to spend time with my sister and her fabulous family. And just like last year, I coerced them all into a cousin-filled trip to see Santa at the mall. Though this year we were “smarter” and booked our ticket in advance, we still waited 45 minutes after our scheduled time to meet Santa… One day, they will all thank me.

Especially since we also got this:


We spent the rest of our time in Georgia with family and not one but THREE Thanksgiving meals. For the first we cooked our hearts out and hosted at my sister’s house because our sweet cousin Cathy was home in Florida expecting her first baby (Baby Kate arrived Dec 6, safe, sound and beautiful!). The second was with POP (my dad) and family, where the children rotated driving his golf cart, much to my dismay, but they sure had fun!


The third was again at my sister’s house on Thanksgiving day. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much southern food Thanksgiving as this year… from Sweet Potato Souffle to Green Bean Casserole to an incredible Turkey my brother-in-law smoked in his “egg”, to a Honey Baked Ham and leftovers for days. Delicious.

The day after Thanksgiving, my SAINT of a husband flew home alone to LA with our two children, while I stayed behind to help my sister with a scheduled surgery on Dec 1st (well, I actually had nothing to do with the surgery, just the before & after). Anyway, Bart skillfully navigated 11 days and 10 nights as a single dad – including TWO weekends! (remember how I complained about just a few nights?)

During that time, he was NOT idle:

Trip to Discovery Cube for a gingerbread adventure and another Santa sighting


An evening concert with Zoe featuring our friend Adam


Not to mention:

  • Getting them to/from school every single day (oh, and feeding them)
  • Getting them to bed each night with limited protest (including bathing)
  • 24 hours of puking with Ella and arranging backup so she could stay home from school for two days
  • Keeping Zoe away from Ella for two days…
  • Trip to the Zoo for “Zoo Lights at Night”
  • A late night pickup at the airport for Mommy’s return

Here are just SOME of the text photos I got from Daddy during that time:

I also came home to these girls having been “spoiled” more than usual (especially from Dad, who is quite consistent about earning “treats”). The most brilliant of which was a Poppy the troll doll, who to this day is still useful to get Ella to sleep – but there was also a Moana doll, the pig from Moana (we saw the movie in GA) – with a leash bought at a pet store – and several arts, crafts and books meant to entertain.

I am thankful my sister made it through her surgery with flying colors and that I was able to be with her, and I am infinitely thankful that I have such an incredible husband who NOT ONCE complained or made me feel badly about being away. I am ridiculously lucky.

And so, Thanksgiving happened!

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