Snuggle Bug


Before they go away, I’d like to capture and share some Ella-isms:

  • Snuggle Bug: To get her OUT of the bath, I wrap her in a towel and chant “Snug as a Bug in a Rug” and bounce her to her room. She loves it. So now she asks for it: “Snuggle Bug? Snuggle Bug!” She even asks for it when she’s NOT near a tub…
  • Huggies! That’s how she asks for a hug.
  • Pickle Barn. That’s how she asks to use a tablet or phone to play Peekaboo Barn, a really fun app about farm animals.
  • Bonka Head. This is what she says when she (or anyone else) “bonks” their head, or any other body part, and she repeats it – with tears, if it’s her head – for good measure.
  • Sit the Booty Down. I think this started as something we said in haste to get her to sit down when she was standing somewhere dangerous (bed, sofa, chair, etc). But it stuck, and the cutest thing is to hear HER say it ;)
  • Mine Mine MINE! Doesn’t matter what it is (or if it’s hers). We’re in a MINE phase that’s loud, insistent and followed by crocodile tears if she doesn’t get her way.
  • Ella do it. Like the MINE phase, this is not so unusual, but try to take her shirt off for a bath, zip up her PJs or her jacket. Ha. “Ella do it”
  • Danger R Us. Unlike her sister, for whom we never even really “child-proofed” our house, this kid makes a beeline for danger. Electrical outlet? Pretty sure my finger would fit in there. Tiny object on floor under table? Looks delicious (could be anything…) Worse, when you catch her with that tiny object in her mouth, she scoots AWAY as fast as possible to keep it there.

More than anything, she wants to do whatever her big sister does – which is great when it comes to eating broccoli and less great when it comes to sitting on a ball (a challenge for anyone, an undertaking for a toddler) or jumping down off the bed or chewing gum…

It works in the other direction, too. Guess who wants a Snuggle Bug after her bath? The 45-pound big sister who doesn’t know she’s much heavier than an Ella bug…

So it’s a sister adventure over here, both going through very different developmental phases and somehow surviving it all together.

You may have already seen these on Facebook but for posterity’s sake, SISTERS!


4 thoughts on “Snuggle Bug

  1. They do grow up too fast! These beautiful sisters remind me happily of two others😘 Precious memories so well told!

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