Help Please Daddy


Believe it or not, it’s thanks to my HUSBAND that we have two very verbal children.

When Zoe was young, he talked to her like an adult (well, sort of), and every night at the dinner table, he’d ask about her day, and we’d tell her about ours, like big people do. He took the time to explain how to do anything (put on socks, take of PJs, wash hands), and those words were quickly absorbed and repeated.

And so, Zoe has talked a steady stream since her first word “HOT”.

Ella appears to be headed in the same direction. She is a parrot. And so, now that she’s able to say LOTS of words, Bart is helping her (insisting?) string words together in modified sentences. For example, here are actual quotes I’ve overheard from Bart:

  • Ella. Don’t just cry. If you want something, you have to ask for it. Say ‘Baba please, Daddy'” (after which Ella says, “Baba please, Daddy”)
  • If you want up, say “Up please, Daddy”. (ELLA: UP please, Daddy)
  • If you need help, say “Help please, Daddy”. (ELLA: Help please, Daddy)

I think you get the gist.

Which is an awesome way for her to learn, no doubt. Of course, watch out for unintended consequences… Children are very literal, especially young ones who are learning, so now whenever Ella wants something from ANYONE, she ends her “sentence” with “… please, Daddy”. And it’s so cute, I have no desire to correct it.

Pretty sure she thinks that’s how it works, and I guess, since she gets what she wants most of the time AND no one (that I know of) is correcting her, I’m pretty sure that’s how it will stay for a while.

I think we should just be glad she’s saying PLEASE ;)


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