Dance Dad


So technically, Zoe doesn’t take dance anymore (though she did), but she may be one of the most extra-curriculared (is that a word?) 4-year-olds out there – well, with working parents.

She used to take ballet / tap, but the schedule was challenging, so now it’s Gymnastics on Monday, Karate on Thursday and Swim on Friday… And who’s behind all this extra stuff? Her Dance Dad. Now to be clear, I’m in favor of her getting the structure, interaction and discipline which can come with these activities (plus, I don’t want her to drown, fall over or get beaten up, so I support all 3 choices).

But seriously. She’s 4. (FOUR). If this is any indicator of the future, we will have 24-hour commitments for this kid – and don’t forget, we now have two.

All that said, once you’ve seen her “build a house” at her first ever karate class, I bet you’ll also be in support:


In fact, if you’re looking for what I think is the very best activity for 4-year-olds, I’d pick karate every time, and here’s why:

  1. They have to LISTEN. Our karate studio doesn’t play around when it comes to discipline and in ONE session, Zoe was “toes on the line” and bowing in/out of the dojo.
  2. They move around a LOT (read: tire them out) – invariably karate night is a “good dinner” night.
  3. They perform as individuals and as a group.
  4. They will ultimately learn balance, control, respect and how to protect themselves.

Plus, it’s super cute to see the videos Bart takes at karate or hear “Dance Dad” talk about what happened at class. AND they have “Ninja Nites”, which are basically parents night out events where they feed them, play games and watch a movie so we get to, well, order dinner in and watch Ella sleep while I fall asleep during a movie we rent on… But still, Zoe LOVES Ninja Nite ;)

And so, who knows what classes Dance Dad will find next? There’s a Broadway class, a Hip Hop class and more that her friends at school go to – guess who wants to take them ALL? Zoe.

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