Picture Perfect


I am TOTALLY biased, but I think we have two camera-friendly kids.

For the picture above, my best friend from high school sent me those cutie pie cotton bloomers with pale pink monogram, and just days before, Holly & Panda had brought us the pale pink flower headband. So in case you were worried about me, I did NOT buy or choose either item; however, I said to Holly, “well, since we have these, seems like we need a picture of her in them.”

And in one brief photo session, with her CELL phone, Holly caught that amazing shot of Ella. (thanks, Holly!)

Then, we’re in H&M and Bart pushes up the stroller with Ella in “the hat”:


She’s never met a cell phone that didn’t like her, I guess?

And not to be outdone, here’s a fancy camera picture of Zoe in her favorite pink dress:


See? And Zoe is a HAM for the camera (pretty sure she got that from my mother – I KNOW she didn’t get it from me…) At a recent birthday party for one of the kids in her class that took place at “Fairies & Dragons“, the kids dressed up as princesses and were announced one-by-one (90% of them called themselves Elsa).

Here’s Zoe’s magical princess debut:



She was the ONLY kid who literally POSED for the pictures (which is why you can hear all the parents laughing). Seriously. Where in the world did that come from? NOT.ME.

But that said, I love my camera-ready girls :) May this trend continue!


3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. I love your camera ready girls, my sons creativity and my daughters excellent writing skis:) it’s almost like being there! Love nina

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