Two months ALREADY?!


Last week little Ella had her 2 month checkup, and she’s right on track! She’s up to a whopping 10 pounds, 9.5 ounces (almost 4 pounds in 2 months) and everything else developmentally in place.

Speaking of which, turns out they don’t expect much from 2-month-olds:

  1. Cooing. Check. And it’s super cute.
  2. Tracking (with eyes). Check. She watches me like a hawk.
  3. Smiling. Check Check Check! We get a SMILE SHOW on the changing table pretty much every time.

And of course they track weight, height and head circumference, but as long as they are “on the curve” they are AOK. Guess what else they do at 2 months? SHOTS. Awesome, right? There are 4 shots scheduled for this tiny body during the 2-month visit, but (as we did with Zoe), we elected to spread those out and come back in a month for 2 of them.

Good thing.

About 4 hours after the appointment, I slipped Ella into her car seat to take a walk in our new jog stroller (which I love), and she started crying, which is unusual. But hey, she’s a baby, so I hoped that we’d get moving and she’d chill out. No such luck. We made it a block before it was clear that she was determined NOT to go for a stroll, so I headed back home to figure out what was going on.

She wasn’t hungry, had a dry diaper, wasn’t hot (or cold)… but she was inconsolable. Thankfully, she had a onesie on that exposed her thighs (where she had just gotten shots). Her left thigh was pink and swollen! Certain that this might require amputation, I called the doc immediately who suggested Tylenol (and asked ME why THEY hadn’t given it to her at the time of the shots…), then said to call them back in an hour if she was still crying. AN HOUR?!

Facing the prospect of AN HOUR of inconsolable crying, I called my friend Tara who is a Nurse Practitioner with a pediatric specialty – and a saint who is used to my version of mothering (AHHH!). She also suggested Tylenol and asked me to send her a picture, which I did. She assured me amputation wouldn’t be necessary and said she’d call ME back in 20 minutes, once the Tylenol kicked in, to see how we were doing. And of course, everything was fine. PHEW.

Lesson learned. If they don’t give her Tylenol next time she gets a shot, WE WILL.

Ella’s only issue: Reflux. Her little digestive system is still working out the kinks and while she’s not spitting up, we believe reflux is causing discomfort that makes for less than deep sleep. She tends to grumble and squirm on/off during sleep, so we’re trying Zantac to see if that will help. Luckily, she hates it… (I think I would, too and according to my husband, it smells like Jagermeister) but if it works, we’ll deal with a little bit of annoyed baby.

Anyway, 90% of the time we have a happy, healthy baby who eats, sleeps and poops (somewhat) on schedule. And she’s changed SO MUCH. Other than her obvious “extra” chin and Mommy’s chunky thighs, she’s also super alert and holding her head up (mostly) like a champ. She even talks to herself in the mirror. That must be a milestone, and one that takes some folks years and in some cases never goes away ;)

To wrap up, here are a few valuable things I’ve learned over the past 2 months:

  • Wherever you are, the burp cloth is across the room.
  • You can never have enough Binkies.
  • Sometimes you only have milliseconds between clean diapers, so be ready.
  • There’s no such thing as too much water when you’re breastfeeding.
  • If one child makes “best laid plans” difficult, two makes them impossible.

And so, we’re officially NINE weeks in to this adventure, and though nothing about it is perfect (and I am still a perfectionist), not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for what we have, even if some days I feel more grateful than others!

Oh, and TO ME, she still looks a heck of a lot like Zoe, but you be the judge. NOTE: there’s a 6-week age difference in these two pictures, but still, can you tell who’s who?


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