Where Oh Where Did the Free Time Go?

Just realized I haven’t posted since BEFORE Halloween! Amazing.

Ask me what we’ve been doing since then? It’s a blur. In addition to the normal newborn activities (eat, sleep, poop, repeat) and the most common Zoe events (eat, school, eat, sleep, repeat), we’ve actually done A LOT. Here are some highlights:

HALLOWEEN. On the 30th, Zoe’s school had a Halloween parade and bake sale (thanks for the 12 dozen cookies, Ruth!), and on the actual day of Halloween, we drove 45 miles (which turned out to be 2 hours…) to trick or treat with Auntie Kerry, Auntie Liz and Uncles Devon, Greg and Gavin. No, two hours in a car was not so fun, BUT it was totally worth it to see Zoe run from house to house with her “cousins” Grady, Rachel, Frances and Catherine for her FIRST real neighborhood trick or treat EVER! Oh, the loot. Grandma and Grandpa were here, so it was a true family affair, and Grandpa Bernie got TWO of Zoe’s treats (she picked out the “fingers” for him – don’t worry, they were Butterfingers). Oh, and we got two chances at costumes – first a “sneaky black cat” and then Elsa for Zoe, while Dad and Ella were not-so-scary skeletons!




A 5-Year Wedding Anniversary! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa, we had a dinner night out to celebrate, and honestly, we barely know what to do alone and “out” at this point. The real celebration was on Halloween night (our actual anniversary) after trick or treating when we watched our wedding video from start to finish, as we do every year, and we talk about WHEN we get to do it AGAIN (yes, with each other)! Maybe at the 10-year celebration? Mark your calendars!


A Couple of Not-So-Professional Photo Shoots.  On the afternoon of Miss Ella’s 6-week-aversary, I got a wild hair and decide to setup a “backdrop” on Zoe’s bed and get some snaps. Then just before they left us (after baking endlessly, helping make a rock pathway on both sides of our house and various other projects), I got the illustrious Johnson family on the sofa for some not-so-fancy photos. I know, I know. I’m keeping my day job. ;)




A Fever Scare… Picture this: I was feeding Ella, Bart was training a group of new hires LIVE on video, and Zoe’s school called and left a message that she had a fever of 102.6, to please come and get her. ONE-OH-TWO-POINT-SIX!! Guess who panics about fevers? (that’s me) In less than 12 minutes, I had rocked and wrapped Ella, stuck her in the swing “mostly” asleep, and driven like a bat out of hell to Zoe’s school. When I arrived I could tell by her demeanor and eyes that this was NOT a 102.6 fever… but she was definitely tired and cold. I got her out of there and sped like a maniac back home (hoping that Ella had slept through Daddy’s training…she had). We got home and checked her fever orally, which read 99.7. Guess who was NOT very happy? (that’s me again) Apparently the school used an ear thermometer, so who knows, and while Zoe DID end up with a fever between 100 and 101, it was never near 102. Regardless, she was quarantined from Ella (and school), stuffed with Gatorade and chicken noodle soup, and Dad took her to the doc for safety’s sake only to find out that it was a “mysterious” fever, probably from something that was “going around”. Right. In less than 24 hours she was clearly NOT sick (thank goodness).


Since this post is already LONG, I’ll stop there. Stay tuned for Ella’s 2-month checkup AND a trip to the “Magical” History Museum. And Happy Halloween? ;)

2 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Did the Free Time Go?

  1. Aww! Love this. Love the photos. Pretty sure Zoe is a pixie from another planet – she’s so cute. And I’m so glad you’re thinking of a 10 year wedding since I missed the first one. ;) Looks like you’re raising some happy, healthy kids – fever aside.

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