The Joys of (2nd) Pregnancy


As you likely know, I blogged all through my Zoe pregnancy about crazy pregnancy things I barely even remember (poor you, who had to read it all!)

My hope is that one day my daughter (soon to be daughterS) can look back at the REAL story, as I remember it when it was happening, should they have their own children or wonder where they came from (literally).

That said, it’s been a lot harder to balance things being pregnant AND having another child who’s doing amazing things. I know I’ve shared the morning sickness leading up to week 15, some ultrasound photos, the gestational diabetes fun (which is still fun, by the way), but this pregnancy is SO different, it’s hard to believe I’m the same person (wait, maybe that’s it?!) OK, maybe not.

Here are some other, mention-worthy differences:

  1. This kid moves A LOT. I mean, a lot. Zoe “moved” but seriously, this kid is running a marathon in there, I’m sure of it. They say that “there’s more room” in there the 2nd time around for them to move, but wow. Sometimes it’s startling even, and for the past week, we’ve had hiccups every day, a rhythmic thump, thump, thump, thump.
  2. Being bigger for LONGER is uncomfortable. There, I said it. I didn’t mind showing early, and honestly, I’ve gained LESS weight with this pregnancy, but my belly is taut (and not in a washboard kind of way). My skin literally hurts from the inside in certain spots where she likes to kick and prod, and that’s just weird.
  3. I have pain. There, I said that, too. I remember getting uncomfortable towards the end with Zoe and not being able to see my feet; however, I had no real pain (until labor!) Apparently it’s also not uncommon for 2nd pregnancies to cause pubic pain since that magical hormone Relaxin kicks in earlier and makes your joints less able to hold up the weight of a baby. I’ve had pain for the past 2 months (SHARP pain, mostly when changing positions or at end of day), and it’s getting worse, so I finally went to physical therapy last week – of course they said “well, there’s not a lot we can do now, but we can do something!” so I’m sticking with it.

On the bright side, I’m way less obsessive about every single body change, and honestly, I love feeling this baby move and knowing she’s a little person in there, just waiting to come out and meet us. I feel incredibly lucky, and it’s the sweetest thing to watch Zoe give her kisses, sing her songs and tell her she can’t wait to see what she looks like ;)

And about that diabetes/weight thing, when I went to the doc this past Tuesday I had LOST TWO POUNDS in 2 weeks (while Ella had GAINED TWO POUNDS)! I’d sell you my pregnancy diet, but I can’t recommend it… I’ve eaten more eggs, chicken, avocado, almond butter, nuts, spinach and protein bars than one should be allowed, in my opinion.

Best news is that Ella is right on track for NORMAL weight based on measurements. PHEW.

But hey. Here we are in week 35 out of 40 (max), so it’s time to just go with the flow and obsessively rearrange everything in the house. You’re welcome, honey ;)

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