What Happened to April?!


April was a BLUR.

Daddy flew to Paris for work. Mommy made a quick trip to Portland for work. Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came out and spent a few action-packed weeks with us, watching Zoe for a week and a half while her school was on spring break AND allowing Bart and I to spend a weekend in Vegas.

I don’t know how they survived.

In addition to watching Zoe, they did a few more things around the house:

  • Hung new curtain super long rods and curtains in our new office (including hemming the curtains)
  • Installed new IKEA cabinets – the only storage in our office!
  • Replaced the ceiling lighting in our dining room and a few really really old light switches
  • Helped plant almost 100 plants in our new front yard (no joke)
  • Cleaned out our garage
  • Reorganized our pantry (more than once)
  • Assembled a stationary recumbent bike
  • Returned over $150 worth of brand new Home Depot stuff Bart had lying around
  • Oh, and kept our laundry clean, our house tidy AND made dinner every night

You’re jealous, right? I can’t blame you. You should see our house right about now – let’s just say there’s been no progress since they left… (sorry, Ruth & Bernie)

And with Zoe, they  weren’t idle. They took her to get the cutie pie haircut above, to an Easter egg hunt, and then to an Easter farm where she talked them into one of those bouncy strap device rides, saying that WE “let her do this all the time” (which is NOT true – she’s only done it one other time, and we weren’t there):


And got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny:


I can only hope then when I reach my 75th year that I have HALF the energy of Bart’s wonderful parents (did I mention his dad plays volleyball, too???) Actually, I’d take half of their energy TODAY, for that matter ;)

Last week we were driving home and Zoe said, “I wish that Grandma and Grandpa lived with us all the time”. We didn’t even take it personally. Thanks, Ruth & Bernie!!

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