Big Girl Day!


Friday was a big day for our little Zoe!

It started with her 3-year checkup with Dr. Jeremy (our pediatrician), who officially signed off on her “big girl” status :) The way I see it, he owed us that at least, since the last time Zoe saw him (for an ear infection about 8 weeks ago), he told her that it was OK to keep wearing pull-ups. A fact she’s used AGAINST us since then as we’ve tried to coax her into potty training.

But Dr. Jeremy said I didn’t have to go poop in the potty. And I’m not kidding.

Since then in fact, she’s regressed almost entirely to pull-ups, even though she was a pee-pee in the potty CHAMP before that comment from Dear Dr. Jeremy – able to hold it for 30 minutes in the car! From THAT to peeing on OUR NEW SOFA last week when she talked her sitter into wearing “princess panties” because “princesses don’t wear pull-ups”. Anyway, we were determined to have a different outcome from this meeting with the doctor.

So much so that I almost stopped him at the door to ensure the outcome I wanted, but even I have limits. Turns out that wasn’t necessary. When we told him how she’d taken his “advice”, he got it and instantly told her she was now officially a Big Girl – she was THREE – and it was time to go pee-pee and poop in the potty. He even said “No More Pull-ups”, and she agreed. Well, she said she agreed, though from the reluctance in her voice, I knew better.

And as the doctor verified, with smart little girls like this one, it’s a “power play”, so we’re best to stick to our coax her into it approach. On the bright side, she HAS been trying to go pee-pee in the potty. But poop is still a mystery, so I’m afraid we’re stuck in pull-ups for a while longer.

And on another note, Friday was ALSO Zoe’s first trip to the Dentist, and she really WAS a big girl for that! She’s been telling anyone who will listen this week (including everyone in the doctor’s office) that she was “going to the dentist”, and she’s been very excited about it.

Of course, after she had to get 2 vaccination shots at the doctor Friday morning, she was NOT thrilled for the hygienist to pull out the pointy metal “counter” to count her teeth. But we moved right past that (she has all 20 teeth and they look great!). Though the very nice dental hygienist said “we’re going to try and polish her teeth, but we may not get them all,” WE DID:


So, overall, Big Girl Day was a huge success. How many parents get shots like THIS at the dentist:

photo 2photo 3

Though the potty training isn’t all we’d hoped, we have an amazing little girl.

We’ll just be thankful for that ;)

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