Send in the Clowns


First, in case you’re wondering, we love our tiny car. It’s replaced the Subaru as our daily commuting car, and it’s as spunky and fun as the day we got it.

Sure, our elbows touch. And we had to move Zoe to a side seat to keep her feet out of Bart’s face. And we have to put all our stuff in the “trunk” (if you can call it that). But still, we love our tiny car.

In fact, we’ve gotten SO used to it, we sometimes forget we’re not in the Subaru (and it is NOT the Subaru)…

For example, the day before Zoe’s birthday party we were missing one thing: BALLOONS. We’d been out running errands to get ready, so we decided to swing by Ralph’s on the way home and pick some up.

My sweet husband hopped out of the car and headed in, leaving Zoe and I in the Fiat. As he walked away, Zoe asked, “Where are we going to put them, mommy?” And I laughed. Now, the KIND thing to do would have been to text that husband and remind him that we’re in the tiny car.

Ask me if I did that. Actually, don’t bother. I just kept giggling, and he texted me:

  • Bart: How many?
  • Me: A dozen.
  • Bart: What colors?
  • Me: Blue, Green, Pink
  • Bart: This is going to take a while.
  • Me: No worries. We’re good.

And we were. We were great. I could hardly wait for him to get back outside and realize there was no way in H.E. double hockey sticks that we were going to fit a dozen balloons in the Fiat. And it was worth the wait.

When he got back I told him that his daughter was wondering where were going to put those balloons. He paused. “We’ll hold them outside the window.”

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t hold balloons outside the window of a moving car.

At 10 miles per hour, those 12 balloons were MAD – twisting against one another and ready to pop. And let me tell you, few roads in LA have a 10 mile an hour tolerance from moving traffic. Thankfully, we were less than half a mile from home, but still, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have made it.

So we pulled those 12 balloons INSIDE the car. Yes, that was dangerous, but I laughed all the way home. And I really really want this sticker:


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