Double the Easter, Double the Fun

So Easter weekend started off great! Yesterday Zoe and Daddy went to an Easter Eggs-travaganza at Underwood Farms (where we went to the Pumpkin Patch and I almost died…). On her trusty steed, Tinkerbell, little miss Zoe rode around and around, smiling the whole way. And she loved it so much she had to do it again on the way out… Looks like we have some horse riding in our future?

There were real live bunnies and an actual egg hunt with lots of kids – and she held her own in her first Easter egg hunt ever. In fact in one of the 600 Daddy Day pictures he took (and you thought it was just me), Bart captured this really determined look on her face as she raced to the next egg. Wonder where she got that?

I feel sorry for the poor kid who got in her way. Kidding. Sort of.

Follow up that wonderful day with Easter Round 2 today, and she might just be the luckiest kid in the world! We enjoyed a beautiful, 80-degree sunny day surrounded by our friends and Second Family, the Muirs. For years they have graciously taken us in for the holidays since we’re so far from our actual families, hosting either Bart or me or both – and now Zoe. I’m pretty sure SHE is why they suffered through the two of us as long as they have ;)

Daddy whipped up some  awesome frittatas for brunch, and Uncle Greg (Muir) brought these cool foam building blocks and a SHOPPING CART for Zoe from the Easter Bunny. Not to mention the super cool, just-for-Zoe Easter egg hunt in their huge backyard that the whole family arranged and cheered on! It was hilarious. Until she saw one of the eggs pop open when it fell and realized there was something in there. Something you could get OUT.

Turns out the other Easter eggs “rattled” but she didn’t realize they OPENED. Unfortunately (for her) some of the candy inside wasn’t kid-friendly so she didn’t get to open them all. Fortunately for us, it was late in the game by the time she noticed, and fortunately for HER, mommy let her have a chocolate egg (with help – not to worry, I haven’t lost my healthy fear of choking). Believe it or not, she LOVED chocolate. She’s had it before in a cookie or a cake but never really CHOCOLATE. She was instantly obsessed. Two chocolate eggs later (with no end in sight), we distracted her with Goldfish Colors. It worked. Though I’m sure tonight she’ll be dreaming about chocolate…

Oh, and one last note about the shopping cart. Contrary to what you might think, it is NOT a good idea to bring it to the grocery store.


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