Ride the (Black &) White Pony

To understand this post, you gotta watch the video first (methinks), but it’s only 45 seconds? You can make it.

Then you’ll know what I mean when I refer to the “Hannibal Lecter” kid on the pony in front of Zoe, and why it might be humorous/cruel that she appears to be pointing and laughing at him. Don’t worry, we’re still doing our best to instill positive virtues in our child, so I’m certain she’s not ACTUALLY pointing and laughing, but it sure looks that way.

And you’re also likely to agree that sweet Zoe is a natural on a horse. My mom says my sister and I were the same when she put us on a horse at that age (my first reaction was SHOCK that my overprotective mother would have put us on a HORSE at that age, but hey, she liked horses). I must admit, I was a little surprised that I put my own 16-month-old, teeny tiny daughter up on a horse (ok, pony), barely strapped in, over CONCRETE.

Seriously, as I’m sure you noticed, the guys that worked the “pony ride”  at the Studio City Farmers Market don’t seem to even notice there are tiny children up on big animals over a hard surface. So either they’ve NEVER had an incident or they feel their very loose liability notice really has them covered.

Regardless, we did it, and ultimately, I’m glad we did! Clearly she loved every minute of it – I’m actually quite curious about how she knew to “spur on” the horse (which did no good but still). And what we don’t have a video of is her reaction when she realized they’d taken her OFF the horse… Let’s just say I think she’d be open to another pony ride.

2 thoughts on “Ride the (Black &) White Pony

  1. Wow. When I saw this I thought you’d lost your marbles… I did the math and was like, um, isn’t she a little young to be riding a horse? But then I saw how much she loved it (by FAR having the best time of any child on a horse) and realized: sometimes everything just clicks. Kudos to you guys for not being fiercely over-protective – who knows how many other natural talents she’ll discover just because you let her? That’s awesome!

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