The Ice Cream Man

Anyone who knows my husband must know of his love for ice cream. It’s how he ends most days, like a daily punctuation mark. Boom. I made it. Now for the ice cream part. Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs, Trader Joe’s, bring it on. We usually have 3-4 different pints in our freezer at any given time, probably a well-planned mix to match the tenor of any given day.

I was wondering how long it would take him to want to share this love with our daughter, especially since she hasn’t even had JUICE yet because he doesn’t think she “needs all that sugar”. Turns out ice cream sugar must be better for you than that crazy OJ and apple juice sugar.

Technically, the extra special sugar in the above video is gelato. I honestly don’t know (or want to know) the difference. They taste the same to me, and give me a good chocolate covered marshmallow any day of the week before ice cream. But I’m excited to think of all the the father/daughter bonding time ahead as Bart has an ice cream buddy to go with him to all the hot (ha!) spots the kids hang out these days. Yum.

ADDENDUM: As Bart was pre-reading this post, he swears that ice cream sugar IS better than fruit juice sugar. That in fact, dairy is the only single food source that a human could live on, all by itself. Still, I’ll maintain that of all the “dairy” choices, I’m not sure ice cream is the one to choose if you only get one. But I could be wrong ;)

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