What WASN’T Zoe for Halloween?!

I love Halloween. Even beyond the obvious (candy & costumes), I have quite a few great reasons to love Halloween.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 87th birthday. Kisses to heaven. You are not forgotten, Granny, and I hope you’re dancing up a storm to celebrate.

It was also my 2nd wedding anniversary. More kisses, to my awesome husband who took me to Hearst Castle and the Central Coast for our anniversary this year. And who sat through our wedding video, again, and cried. Wait, maybe that was me. But that’s another story.

What really made my Halloween this year (and I’m pretty sure this year is the first of many) was coming home today from our anniversary celebration and playing musical Halloween costumes with our beautiful daughter. Thanks to our incredible friends, we literally had 6 age appropriate costumes. SIX. So how in the world could we possibly land on just ONE?

Good news. We didn’t! In fact, by the time we got home it was late in the day – we were losing light for photos – so our little trooper (nope, we didn’t have that costume) tried on 4 of her 6 new characters, in rapid succession, without one complaint. Of course, what kid is going to complain about having a dragon on her head?! Or a kitty, or a monkey. And come on, MINNIE MOUSE?! It’s like a dream come true, right?!

After each costume change, we frantically snapped blurry pictures of our little walker (she’s pretty fast already…) and laughed our heads off. Which made her laugh. Which made us laugh more. And so on. Leave it to Bart to finally say – when we got the last costume on her no less – “hey, let’s show her a mirror”. Oopsy? Who’d have thought she’d want to SEE herself with a dragon on her head. That wandering around for our enjoyment in a kitty outfit saying “meow” wasn’t everything a small child could hope for?! Regardless, we had a blast.

And we got videos to prove it (in case you get lost in the bad videography, we’re the paparazzi):



Oh, and she really did have a blast, too – even though she got no candy or trick or treating… I hope for next year’s photo session either she gets a little slower (or more easily distracted) or we get a little faster with the camera – or maybe we could even plan ahead and actually spend more than 15 minutes with rapid-fire costume changes and blurry snaps… Nah.

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “What WASN’T Zoe for Halloween?!

  1. That’s fantastic! I love her enthusiasm!! And the meowing – wow! Can’t wait to show these to the kids. Thanks for sharing! :)

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