Don’t be fooled by the video quality – the quality of the walking was outstanding :)

We’ve since watched her walk many many many times, from a few steps to several, but this video is officially the FIRST steps, kindly taken by Zoe’s nanny, Holly. And she was as excited as we were to watch those first steps (thanks, Holly!) I’m equally pleased that Zoe chose a “mommy works from home” day to take her first steps, so right after this video I got to watch her do it live.

After which I instantly got Bart on video chat to watch her again. And again. According to my sister, her walking is amazingly steady – and more importantly, she can stand up in the middle of a room with no assistance, from squatting to standing to squatting again (with some steps in between). I had no idea that mattered… This whole calculated “I’m going to cruise around the room and make you think I’m going to walk but then not walk for 2 months after that” thing must come from somewhere. I have nowhere NEAR that sort of patience – it must be from dad.

But again, she’s way smarter than we are, and as a mother, I don’t mind her cautious approach one bit. Hopefully she continues this “look before you leap” thing as she starts to move faster, and climb, and dare I say it, RUN. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable bumps and bruises that come next. She’s already walking while [gasp] holding things. I see running with scissors in her future.

Up next: SHOES! Our friend Sarah got her the pink chucks in the photo above, but other than me just putting them on her for fun (she loves to say shoes shoes shoes), we haven’t had a need for shoes. Now, the world of shoes has opened up. We’re waiting a few weeks to tell my mother the great news, because once she has official permission to buy shoes, there will be no stopping her (just kidding, mom!).

As I type this, Zoe’s trying to put on her dad’s shoes… Anyway, our world is clearly about to change, though as I’ve pointed out already to those who will listen, I don’t mind this phase of walking – she’s slower on her feet than she is crawling! We’ll enjoy THAT as long as it lasts ;)

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