Chocolate Covered Bacon

Bet that got your attention.

Before you ask, none of the Johnson family at the LA County Fair (the self-proclaimed largest county fair in North America) had any chocolate covered bacon. Or a deep fried twinkie/oreo/avocado/butter/koolaid (yes, they’re actually deep-frying koolaid). However, “some” of the Johnson family had mini-donuts with cinnamon & sugar, corn in a cup, tri-colored cotton candy in a bag and a jumbo corn dog. Oh, and a quesadilla, but that’s not very fair-like.

The corn in a cup had nothing on it. Rather boring really, but Zoe and I ate every kernel of it. Oh, corn. Why can’t you be more nutritious (read at your own risk)? As we travel along our never-ending quest to get more foods in our little pumpkin (she likes pumpkin, by the way), it’s no surprise that she likes corn – and corn dogs.

But seriously, what a GREAT place for kids! I haven’t been to the fair in years, and though Zoe’s a bit young to fully enjoy things like the petting zoo, she did have a good time. As evidenced by her reaction to her first ferris wheel ride:

What she did NOT like were the parrots. They were beautiful, and she’s intrigued by birds, so I thought she’d love them. Instead, the second they started squawking, she started squawking, too… inconsolably, with crocodile tears. Oopsy? She enjoyed the rest of the animals, though (mostly), especially the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. That beer company did at least one thing right. The goats in the petting zoo were a bit aggressive, and given all the people and colors and sounds, she was a little overstimulated by the time she got to feed them.

Oh, and she loved the little girls in the Plaza de las Americas performing traditional latin dances in traditional garb and makeup. I loved that part, too – made me wonder what Zoe will look like and be like as she grows up. Will she sing, dance, be shy, wear makeup, dye her hair pink – or wear nothing but pink – pierce her tongue (OUCH)? Guess we’ll find out. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy this phase – and keep working on putting healthy (ha!) food in her little body:

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