Dancin’ with Daddy

Karma. Never make fun of your mother. I made fun of my mother’s videography skills on my last post then end up with a not-so-great video of my own… In my defense, it looked great on the iPad while I was shooting it, but landscape would have clearly been a better choice. And it’s dark, for a while. Anyway, if you’re patient, you’ll get to the close-up parts of the video that (to me) make it worth sharing. Yes, I’m more than a little biased, but since the whole video is 55 seconds, it might be worth giving it a shot to stick it out to the end.

The story: For some reason, about 2 weeks ago Zoe’s dad got a wild hair and started a 6:30 pm weekday dance party. We walk in from work, settle down a bit, then Bart turns on the tunes, grabs his daughter and starts dancing. Oh, I’ve been in on it, too, and I completely understand why he’s kept up the tradition. It’s a fabulous way to end a long work day, and to hear our daughter giggle even once, I think I could dance for hours. Turns out Zoe enjoys this family time so much that one day we weren’t home at 6:30, and she got quite upset that there was no dance party… So, sitter beware ;)

Also turns out that Zoe’s quite the dancer. I haven’t captured it on video yet, but our friends Karin & Luis gave us a standing toy, and when she presses the right button and the Mexican Hat Dance plays, Zoe not only “dances” but raises her right arm like a flamenco dancer (she doesn’t know yet that flamenco isn’t a mexican dance…). It’s pretty darn cute to watch. Honestly, she doesn’t care what the music is, just that there’s music. Sitting, standing, alone or with someone, she dances. And for the dance party, anything will do as long as daddy’s carrying her around – and she gets a chance to “steer” with her arm.

Sadly, she may be cursed with my inability to follow (which my husband and anyone who attended our wedding will confirm). Oh well. There are worse things, like inheriting my thighs. Wait, I think she did that, too. Regardless, there’s hope for her to get some good qualities from each of us and bring some great qualities of her own, I’m sure. Stay tuned.

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