Do These Steps Count?

If you haven’t watched the video yet, you might not understand why I ask if these steps “count”. First of all, she’s holding on to a table that she’s pushing across the room. So she’s not taking steps “unaided”, though she is upright putting one foot (technically) in front of the other.

Secondly, Zoe has no idea that this is an accomplishment – as evidenced by her complete surprise and confusion when my mom shouts “YAY!” at the end of her “walk”… Oh, and then follow that with the fact that she instantly crawls to another surface to pull up on, without taking any more steps, and the fact that I still haven’t seen her take any steps after the ones caught here on video.

Third, my mother took this video with her iPhone when neither Bart nor I were around. Now, I’m not saying that my mom, with her clearly outstanding skills in videography, could have staged or edited this film in any way to make it appear as though our daughter were walking. Though I do know for a fact my mom was hopeful that she’d be here when Zoe took her first steps. Couple that with the fact that my mother broke her leg just to get to stay out here longer, likely hoping to see her granddaughter walk, and maybe there is something fishy going on (kidding, mom).

Seriously though, I do think our non-walking daughter days are coming to an end as she RAPIDLY approaches her 1st birthday on September 1. Tick Tock Tick Tock. Time to batten down the hatches, as I think they say ;)

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