Sleepy Head

Rain + new parents + video camera = dangerous.

We’re also lucky enough to have a daughter who is (so far) a good sleeper. Well, at night at least, which in my opinion is when sleep counts the most. During the day she’s a bit of a napper (like her dad) which is OK except it’s really hard to plan around a baby-led sleep schedule that’s anything but regular. She may sleep for 32 minutes – or for 4.2 hours. So basically we’ve learned to be flexible in the daytime and embrace her awake time (and her sleep time), as long as she’s ultimately getting enough total hours of sleep each day.

My brilliant sister just gave me some advice I hope I can heed. She said, “You’re still in the window where you can let her do whatever, however she wants. But at 6 months, you’re going to want to do things as you want to KEEP doing things moving forward.” So, for example, if falling asleep in my glider with a sleeping baby in my lap is something I’d like to be doing 17.75 years from now, then I should continue that activity. But if not…

I’m exaggerating, though clearly, we’re going to have some changes to make in the next couple of months. But for now, since it IS the Holidays (and come on, she only has 3.5 months of life under her belt), I’m pretty sure we’ll just keep letting sleepy head do her thing for a while – and we’ll just keep capturing it on video :)

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