Jump Around

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video of your daughter jumping around in her jumpy for the first time ever with music you partied to in college playing in the background must be worth like 22 gazillion words, right?

Again, blame (or thank) the rain. We clearly had some fits of stir craziness going on at the Johnson home this weekend – and with at least 3 more days of rain on the horizon, who knows what’s next. I sure hope everyone keeps their clothes on… I, for one, will be clothed – it’s freezing here (anything below 60 degrees is basically “freezing” in my book). And as I listen to the pitter patter of what could possibly be yet another leak in our house, I assume I should be worried more about drowning. Oh, and you should be most worried about some extra Zoe posts leading up to Christmas – or at least until it dries out over here on the Good Coast.

Anyway, this one was fun to make. Hope it made you smile :)

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Jump Around

    1. so far she’s a fan! well, she was for a little while before she was either tired of it or ready to be held – who knows ;) and our “jumping jimmy” made it through both my niece and nephew, so it’s all warmed up!

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