The New, Improved Saturday Morning Cartoons

Oh, how life has changed!

Welcome to the new world of the Johnsons ;)

If it looks strange to you, imagine how it looks to us. We’ve had a super exciting weekend already, beginning with a BATH for Zoe last night (mom & dad got one, too, thanks for asking). Followed by a movie, complete with Orville Redenbacher “movie theater” popcorn, while Zoe slept away in the swing. We followed that up with mom falling asleep on the sofa… I know, keep your envy in check – Bart’s a lucky guy!

To start today off right, Bart made French Toast for Saturday morning breakfast (maybe I’m the lucky one?) and then provided the live entertainment above for little Zoe  – who says Saturday morning cartoons can’t be educational? Did you hear that CAT? ;) Ok, so even Zoe’s not fooled but dad gets points for trying, right?

Anyway, we had an exciting afternoon. We went to see a movie and had a sitter, soon to be our nanny, come over to watch Zoe for a few hours. That sounds like a DATE, right?! And in true new-parent fashion, we chose Megamind, an animated feature, and it was awesome! We’re the best parents ever. Who knows what excitement tomorrow will bring!

Actually, I’ll take this sort of excitement any day over a fever or ultrasounds or x-rays (though Zoe does have her first little cold…) or the “bottle scare” we just had 3 nights ago. For a couple of days after her vaccinations, Zoe was fussy (rightfully so), and so instead of feeding her the daily bottle, we let her nurse. Oopsy. You can guess what happened when we tried reintroducing the bottle 4 days later: Mucho Screaming. Brother Greg and our friend Jeff who were lucky enough to have dinner at our house that night can attest to how much fun that evening was… Thankfully, we’ve changed bottles, and she’s right back on track (go, Dr. Brown). In fact, she was great for the sitter and ate twice while we were out. Good Girl!

So back to the excitement of family life. We’re looking forward to Zoe getting more and more interactive as she grows and hope to have many more exciting videos to share, so stay tuned. And enjoy your Saturday Morning Cartoons ;)

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