Ultrasound, Check!

Our little girl was great today at the hospital for her renal ultrasound (the tech even said so himself)! We won’t know anything until a radiologist and our pediatrician take a look at the ultrasound photos, but at least the tech said he “didn’t see anything unusual”, so that’s a start :)

It’s amazing how a tiny baby can be so calm and brave in such a foreign environment with strangers doing strange things to her. Sure, the pacifier and daddy both helped, but I’m still impressed. It probably also helped that the ultrasound machine made a nice whirring “white” noise, and the room was quite dark (which explains the grainy picture).

I’m also amazed that strangers think it’s OK to walk right up and touch a tiny baby… While we were in the waiting room for almost an hour, Zoe was lying in my lap and some lady walked right over to us, said “she’s so tiny” and touched her arm. In the hospital. Where there are SICK people everywhere.

Bad enough that psycho mom (that’s me) couldn’t stop thinking about the nasty invisible germs all over everything in the building – plus, it happened so fast. And she was in my arms – not in a stroller – so I didn’t think someone would feel comfortable enough to actually touch her. Clearly I need to hone my lightning fast reflexes – or better yet create a force field of  some sort for extra germ protection. ;)

Speaking of germs, my friend Sharon asked how a baby gets a UTI. Good question. Apparently at this age (particularly in little girls), it’s not uncommon and could be an anatomical problem – thus, the ultrasound. Sometimes their kidneys and bladder don’t work quite right and their urine can actually “reflux” back up towards the kidneys, creating an environment where bacteria can grow. I had no idea… So the renal ultrasound checks out the setup, and in the VCUG next week they will inject die into her urinary tract and “see where it goes”. Ah, the miracles of modern science.

Last word on germs. As you may have guessed, we took Zoe home and bathed her (remember, psycho mom?), which has turned into a great daddy/Zoe bonding time that mommy likes to photograph – enjoy! And we’ll keep you posted :)

5 thoughts on “Ultrasound, Check!

  1. yeah – my little niece gets UTI’s a lot! She got them as a toddler….baths dont help :-(
    She’s so BRAVE!


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