Blair Witch Baby

Oh, the things that tired parents do.

I don’t think it’s “news” but I honestly believe that there’s a method to this madness of becoming a parent. First of all, birth is this incredibly dramatic event where literally a DRUG (oxytocin) floods the mother’s body creating an actual high – and providing those rose-colored glasses through which a tiny, flailing, crying being who is about to take over your life looks like an angel (and they really really do).

Then, there’s the sleep deprivation thing, with proven side effects that include hallucinations (no joke) and memory loss. Nothing feels quite real and your life is turned upside down and every day past birth blends into one really really really long day… But not to worry. What you get in return is that tiny, flailing, crying being who – in its sleep no less – knows how to steal your heart with a smile that most people believe is just gas.

In fact, as a new tired parent I can say from personal experience that I could watch our child’s mouth for hours. From pouts to puckers to sneers to smiles, I am endlessly entertained by Zoe’s tiny mouth show. Yes, that could be the sleep deprivation talking, but who cares?

Anyway, another thing new parents do is take pictures that only a new parent could love (or think would be appealing to others). See picture above as a very clear example of a middle-of-the-night photo my husband took and immediately sent via text to our friend Kerry to show her how cute little Zoe is… my first thought? OMG, please don’t wake her… Second thought: that’s one really cute Blair Witch baby (half cute, half scary – hey, is that an angel’s wing?).

More examples follow – both taken in a somewhat dark room with the crappy camera on my iPhone, one-handed, while she held me captive (as she often does) in the feeding chair – and that’s no easy feat ;)

4 thoughts on “Blair Witch Baby

  1. Dear Zoe,
    Of course that’s an angel wing! Daddy just has the other tucked under by accident! You are beautiful (as we all knew you would be) and please insist on a visit to Athens soonest!

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