Yo, Daddy

No, we’ve never seen the movie The Hangover, which I’m sure would make this shirt much funnier. But literally 2 days before Zoe was born, my friend Sharon showed me this shirt and basically dared me to get it for Bart, so of course, I did. It arrived the day we got home from the hospital and guess who washed & wore it immediately? Proud Daddy.

In fact, he wore it OUT – to the grocery store and other errands, and in his exhausted state, wasn’t immediately aware of why people might be looking at him funny out in public. He thought it was his new daddy glow ;)

I have no idea what he’s doing with his fingers, but if it’s an actual gang sign that offends you, rest assured he has no idea what he’s doing with his fingers, either.

Speaking of “out in public”, we have thankfully left the house a few times beyond just going to the doctor and the airport (though it’s a scary, odd world out there after blurry days/nights indoors). Oh, and since a few people asked, the doctor’s appointment went well!! The eye “goop” is just a blocked tear duct that we need to clean and apparently put some breast milk in her eye? This breast milk stuff is like GOLD. Check out all the crazy great things you can do with it: Breast Milk & Its Many Uses

Also, Zoe has rebounded completely from her birth weight drop (as babies do). In fact, she’s at 6 lbs, 15 oz – almost 7 pounds! – which means she gained over a POUND since her first wellness appointment 11 days before. As I said, breast milk is like GOLD. And the doc thinks we’re going to have a plump, healthy little one.

Anyway, below is evidence that we did indeed leave the house – and to EAT, no less. Speaking of eating… I’m back on duty soon, but since our friend Brad has laid down the gauntlet about my ability to blog before vs. after Zoe (and he has 2 beautiful daughters of his own & an awesome blog), I’m trying to deliver ;)

8 thoughts on “Yo, Daddy

  1. Look how sweet. I love her. Look at her sweet face. ZOE silly, not Susie. Although Susie has always been cute too – just look at her head!

    Anyway, Bartle! Help keep yer wife’s milk good by making her some nice fennel tea. Fennel is the best for breastmilk and keeps baby from getting gassies.

    Here is a recipe for CCF Tea.
    Cumin, Corriander, & Fennel seeds
    Boil a tea pot full of water.
    Add 1 tsp of each seed & boil for 5 more minutes
    Strain and drink.
    Keep it and drink warm, room temp, or cool. Sounds nasty but it tastes clean and good!!

    Miss you guys! Give Zoe a kiss for me.

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