The Miracles of Modern Technology

Because we’re suckers (or enthusiastic soon-to-be parents, you decide), we went on Saturday to get a private ultrasound. Yes, we know we just HAD an ultrasound, but this one wasn’t a small-screen, right in the doctor’s office one, it was a BIG flat-screen 3D ultrasound. This super cool technology uses sound waves that reflect against the baby’s surfaces and render an image that looks more like a baby than what you see in a regular ultrasound. The images give you depth and, well, as you can see for yourself, allow you to “see” the baby. And believe it or not, it was very inexpensive to do! If it weren’t for the fact that they don’t recommend having too many ultrasounds, just to be safe, we’d be there every weekend (and THAT would be obsessive).

Of course, it’s just a rendering, and as luck would have it our little Zoe is camera shy like her mother and had her hand covering part of her face for most of the 20 minute session… At least she didn’t have her tongue out, Mom. Anyway, while the lady was trying to get her to move around by poking my belly and moving me around, my brilliant husband was over by the big screen taking video footage on his iPhone. Yes, these are the miracles of modern technology ;)

Though she doesn’t move much in the video (oh well), you can sort of hear the ultrasound tech “talking” to her to get her to move her hand, to no avail. She will likely be as stubborn as her mother, too, poor thing.

As long as she comes out healthy, we’ll work around whatever else we get – but so far, we think she’s pretty cute in 3D. ;)

4 thoughts on “The Miracles of Modern Technology

  1. Oh, she’s beautiful like her Momma!!

    Update: Twin boys were born VERY early!
    July 19th, due Sept. 4, but they are doing great! I just happened to be visiting when labor began and was the official leg massager. Had a couple of scares with one of the boys but things have settled down – whew!
    I love the adrenalin of weddings but this baby thing has me petrified!!

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