Glide, Baby, Glide

In our quest to find the perfect glider, we ended up with this sweet, cushy, wide load rockin’ machine (aka recliner).

Oh, we tried the typical gliders (wooden frame, strategically placed cushions, ottoman) at the baby furniture store first. And there are a lot of options for those – well, as long as you’re ok with the wooden frame, strategically placed cushions and ottoman setup. But colors, pick your fabric. Arms covered, uncovered. Ottoman that rocks, that doesn’t and the simple nursing stool.

But one of our stops at an actual furniture store landed us in recliner land – and let me tell you, LOTS of recliners these days also “glide” (who knew?). Oh, and THIS one, well this one glides, reclines, heats up AND massages. Arms, perfect height for a boppy – and talk about strategically placed cushions… Sure, it’s a little big for our living room, but for Zoe, we must make sacrifices ;)

So far we’ve both had some pretty good sleep in this chair, which I take as a good sign. Hope it’s contagious…

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