We’re all grown up! Yesterday we traded in my 2001 VW Golf (5-speed, turbo) for a ‘family car’.

Shocking, I know. So here’s what happened.

Many months ago we were going to get a new car for “me”, and I wanted a wagon, well, a small wagon because big cars scare me (I’ve owned 2 Fieros & a Golf so I’m spoiled). I drooled over the Audi A3 until I sat in one (not very cushy inside). Then I HAD to have a Volvo V50 wagon, but to get what I wanted was quite expensive. I ruled out lots of terrible cars that Bart suggested (including the Subaru), and put my foot down on a minivan since it was going to be “my” car and there was no way I was going to drive a minivan.

But I had no better suggestions, so we put our search on hold. And after much thought, I decided this car should be “mommy’s car” (read: Bart’s) and told him that he could buy whatever he wanted as long as I didn’t have to drive it. Weeks passed & the word “minivan” came up often…

Then, as the holidays tend to do (well, the ones with a long weekend anyway), we got a wild hair and decided to just go and “see” some cars while we had the time.  We were moments away from a minivan (Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna) or a mini-SUV (Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, Hyundai Tucson), when Bart (the Subaru fan who gave up on ever actually getting to own another Subaru) said, “I think I just want to test drive a Subaru.”

And after sitting in a minivan (aka “boat on wheels”), I of course was thrilled to consider a Subaru wagon. AND, I’m so glad I did! We both fell in love with the Subaru Outback – it’s spunky, plenty of room but drives & rides like a CAR. Come on, their tagline is “Room for Adventure” – who wouldn’t fall for that?!

So 4 hours later, we drove our Subaru off the lot. And less than 4 hours after that, my husband installed the infant car seat and “mega mirror”. No, I’m not kidding. Consider us ‘prepared’. ;)

As my husband says, “Whoopdedoo for my Subaru!”

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