This was our first ultrasound at almost 12 weeks. Had no idea there was so much going on in there, since it’s too early to feel anything, and believe it or not, the baby is only 2 inches long at this stage! (click image above to watch a quick, sideways video! we’re new to the video thing, I’m sure we’ll figure it out?)

What we learned:

  • 2 hemispheres of the brain are already formed
  • 4 ventricles of the heart are already pumping blood
  • At this stage, if you can see an “equals sign” (=) where the “parts” should be, that generally means it’s a girl… but too early to tell for sure

We passed our “old people” tests with flying colors, and are looking forward to a smooth pregnancy & hoping for a happy, healthy baby! Cross your fingers :)

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