March into May

What’s a few months here or there? Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We love the holidays over here at the Johnson household. So of course you’d expect green milk, green pancakes and omg lots of green over here for St Patty’s Day. I couldn’t tell you what happened during the first 2 weeks of March, and only vaguely remember the last 2 weeks of March, but in the honor of the blog, I’m going to do my best to share our stories. So let’s just start in the middle with some holiday pics, featuring leprechauns of all shapes and sizes:

And that was just the school / work day celebration! In addition to that, Bart and I also got to enjoy a pub crawl with our friends in Long Beach, which looked more like this:

Earlier in the month, I had a chance to hang out with some of my dear friends to celebrate one of their birthdays, as the world began to “open up” (is it open yet?!). If you’re in LA and haven’t checked out the Blu Jam Cafe, you should. But more importantly, though the food was delicious, the best part was reconnecting with some incredible humans. Look at these smiles!

In the second half of the month, we hosted an Oscars party, for what was arguably one of the most exciting, contentious Oscar Awards in a long, long time (thanks, Will Smith – NSFW). Craziness aside, Zoe and her friend Kiki made our party awesome by designing a Red Carpet dress for Ella, from scratch! They chose the fabric, drew and cut out the pattern (after asking Ella to lay down on a roll of paper to get her size) and assembled the dress themselves, using two sewing machines, both of which jammed during assembly…

As you’ll see from the hand-drawn sketch held up by our celebrity model, the dress they designed had cute puffy sleeves with an ornate trim:

Even though the sewing machines didn’t play along, those committed girls hand-stitched one entire side of the dress, and they all ended up looking gorgeous.

And while we’re in the entertainment spirit, it’s time to enjoy a special sister presentation and watch as Ella helped Zoe prepare for her piano recital. Watch out, Elvis. The Johnson sisters are rockin’ their own version of Blue Suede Shoes.


To wrap up the month, enjoy some final special treats, Ella style: The soon-to-be newest fad in hair, a barrette rainbow, and a story about our future pet, Spunk the Skunk (who knew?)

And so, though we’re already in May, I have to say that March was worth a blog post, so here we are, finally. I’ve got April and May-to-date all ready to go, so let’s see how long it’ll take to get those packaged up and posted. In the meantime, apparently March brings flowers, too, even without April showers, and even when posted on a blog in May. Happy Spring!

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