Someone made 2 weeks disappear! Seriously. Not to worry – I looked back at the last post and can confirm that this blog post will cover Weeks 34 and 35 (Oct 26-Nov 8), which is a lot.

To say that “so much has happened” is beyond an understatement. Let’s wrap up our Palm Springs trip to get things started. I captured this sisterly moment which believe it or not, rarely happens–even with an iPad involved. So cute. Makes me miss MY sister!

We got home from our getaway just in time for the HALLOWEEN celebrations to begin! On Thursday evening, both girls shared that they were supposed to wear costumes to “school” on Friday. I guess I should have thought of that, but we’d spent so much time focused on making actual Halloween something to look forward to, that I just didn’t. No worries, these girls had plans. Meet the skeleton and the zombie.

Ella’s class even had the cutest ever Halloween “parade”, where the teacher gave each kid the spotlight on Zoom, introduced them and let them explain their costume. There was Super Mario, a cupcake, a princess and many others. There were only a couple of moms in costume – and one in “sort of costume” (ears count, right?)

On ACTUAL Halloween, the girls packaged up reverse Trick or Treat gift bags, which included a handmade card with an illustration by Zoe, some candy, and some homemade oatmeal cookies. We drove all around LA dropping off packages, and they got a big kick out of it! We’d drop the bag at the door, take a picture and text it to the parents. So fun!

We also did a backyard Halloween candy hunt – actually we did two of them. The first was at our own house where (again) I couldn’t find our plastic Easter eggs… so we improvised:

Yep, that’s aluminum foil covering those small paper cups. And we only brought in one ant, even after they hid and found the “eggs” four times. We followed that up with an outdoor party at the house of our friends who we usually Trick or Treat with every year. The kids had another, much better candy hunt, and Bart had the great idea to fill and bring a piñata. CANDY!

Yep, you’re looking at the THIRD Halloween costume for our kids in two days–a habit we seem to have every single year. I swear we ended up with MORE candy than a full night of Trick or Treating! It’s a good holiday. That night we came home from the party and watched our wedding video, as we do every year on our anniversary. Yep, 11 years and counting. I will never tire of watching one of the happiest days of my life and seeing our wonderful friends and family around us.

I must admit that this year I teared up, not just because I feel lucky to get to spend my life with this wonderful man, but because I miss hugging and dancing and live music and, well, people. As a human who loves to connect (but also needs alone time to recharge), I have mixed feelings about this imposed isolation. But I would give a whole lot just to feel normal around people I love, feel their energy and not feel afraid. That’s another long, not-so-awesome blog post. So let’s get back to this one.

The fun didn’t end on Halloween. On Sunday I realized we never carved those pumpkins… I promised we’d wrap up on Monday. And so, we did.

That star pumpkin was created using veggie cutters–my great idea that was brilliant, and harder than it should have been. We had to use a can of food to bang the cutter through the pumpkin and some serious effort to get it back out… It ended up looking cool but not sure I’d do it again. Most years Bart is the one doing the carving, which ends up with much more elaborate and interesting designs. But hey, we carved a pumpkin.

On a random note, Ella lost another tooth! She’d been wiggling it for a while, then last Saturday she went to the dentist for a long-overdo cleaning, and poof, no more tooth.

Yes, that’s a tiny treasure chest. She was super excited, and given our continued pandemic parental guilt, she got way overpaid for this one, too. At least we remembered to Tooth Fairy this time. #worsttoothfairiesever

That gets us all the way to this past Saturday, and because I hate politics and love all the people who read this blog (even the ones who might not share my feelings about the outcome), I’ll keep this brief. When the election was called on Saturday, our children ran around the house celebrating. Zoe said to Ella: “There’s going to be a woman in the White House!” I hope beyond hope that we are on a path to a kinder, more respectful world and have the ability to remember how to love one another. For posterity’s sake:

Told you a lot had happened in 2 weeks! I’ll leave you with a couple more neighborhood flower photos to remind us all of the beauty of nature, which doesn’t care about our politics. It just adapts, and reaches for the sun. Maybe we can do that, too.

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