Seriously. Weak 32.

Behind again, yes, but honestly, I don’t think I missed much. Let’s calibrate: This blog post is for Week 32 (aka Oct 12-18). For the record, I’m marking the time as much for you as for me. I have idea what week it really is anymore, but I think I’m close.

Homeschool? Check. We even tried to insert a few “After School” classes from Outschool. Here’s how that went.

  • The Amazing Human Body: What’s Inside & How It Works. Fight or Flight Edition. Zoe says: “Very interesting. When you’re in the fight of flight response, your heart beats faster, which means your breath gets faster, and your blood pressure goes up. So take a deep breath.” Money well spent? Maybe.
  • Zombies Themed Beginning Dance Class: BAMM! Bart says: “Ella basically refused to dance. Zoe got frustrated trying to get her interested, and it just faded out.” FYI, they dance to Zombies movie songs at home for free all the time. Money not well spent.
  • Halloween Fans; Let’s Doodle and Draw All Things Halloween! While Ella tired quickly of this one, Zoe loved it and gained a bunch of Halloween themed drawing tips that she used to make gift tags for an upcoming project. Top Secret. Mommy says, “Money well spent.
  • Learn and Draw Your Own Cute Disney Princesses. Ironically, Zoe tired quickly of this one, but Ella loved it and drew a super cute Aurora (which I failed to take a picture of…) We liked this one so much we just did it AGAIN last Friday with a new princess. Wait for it.

You can find all those by title on Outschool if you’re looking for something to entertain your kids – or if you want to brush up on your drawing skills or prepare for the fight or flight response you’re likely to feel in early November. No, this will not be a political post.

However, I am proud to say that I voted in Week 32. By mail. I’m also proud to have signed up for BallotTrax, which has confirmed that my ballot will be counted. Apparently my signature matched (yes, I practiced, since I rarely sign my name on anything). Hope you voted, too!

On Friday, October 16, Ella decided it was spa day. Unprompted, she set up a (not-at-all-comfy) spa area right on the floor in our main room. I’ll give her points for trying but it was likely the most uncomfortable spa experience I’ve ever had:

See those bowls? You soak your hands in them while spa music plays in the background, presumably to get a hand treatment afterwards. Two notes on that: 1) the water is not warm, 2) the water IS the treatment. To her credit, she grabbed some relaxing things from my bedside table she thought I would like: a book, a word search and a few pens. Less credit? Can’t do those things with two wet hands in bowls.

Not to worry, she held the hardcover book above my head, while I feared for my eyeballs and face, and turned the pages quickly. Apparently I’m a speed reader–I was not willing to argue about it (I like my eyeballs). I was able to talk her into a very brief foot massage to get her away from my face, so that’s something.

Come on, she’s cute. It’s hard to say no.

On Saturday, my husband for a “Craftoberfest” at the Rose Bowl. At first, I was concerned that it would be a huge gathering with varying mask compliance, but nope. It was literally an outdoor patio, very socially distanced lunch with a flight of beer or wine and a pretzel (which was a hit). I have to say that most “events” lately end up disappointing or depressing. I miss “normal”…

Finally, at some point during Week 32, after adding more Halloween decorations to the house, Ella found an excellent use of fake spider webs. I’m including the picture here again because, dang it, she’s so cute, and she’s started to pose every time I lift the phone for a picture.

On the whole, we are staying safe, with limited outings, flawless use of masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. It may not SEEM that way if you’re reading the blog, but I assure you, I’m still remarkably vigilant (read: annoying). Just ask my family.

But who would have guessed way back in Week 32 that cases of the virus would now (as of today) be spiking all over the US… Maybe me. Wherever you are and whatever personal choices you’re making, please stay safe. Oh, and did I mention, Please Vote?

I’ll leave you with another flower photo and call it a day. I won’t even promise that I’ll blog again quickly to cover Week 33 and get us on track. I’ll just hope for the best, in every way possible.

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