Quarter Century

Let’s just say this isn’t getting any easier.

Most days are filled with constant reminders to our children, “Did you [Fill in the blank with anything they were supposed to do. They didn’t do it]?” At least once a day in Week 25 there was a raised parent voice, often near bedtime when all the things that remain undone (including getting ready for bed) come to the surface.

Through the school day, we both check in between calls, as we work full-time, to see if everyone’s on track. Ella is still in the office with Bart, but even in ear- and eyeshot she still manages to get derailed during “school”. As soon as they are free for the day, the mission to avoid starting homework begins. Even with hours of afternoon time before dinner, and several reminders, the phrase “Oh no. I didn’t. But I will!” is the most common response when asked if it’s done.

Turns out, they’re kids. And kids apparently aren’t great at self-monitoring, which explains the very hands-on approach of most teachers and the frequent shifting of activities during a normal school day.

Wondering what it feels like over here?


I’m not sure if I’m the awkward one on the inside of the circle or the frantic one on the outside, but “circles” pretty much fit.

Some days feel like this:

That position may look natural for a cat, but it sure isn’t comfortable for a human. Am I upside down? Are you the one upside down? Who knows.

Need a not-so-giggling cute kid image to capture the moment? How about this one:

That’s two cute kids on the patio with gloves and a trash bag. Know why they’re doing that? Because they’ve been (oh-so-cutely) sitting outside having lunch together every day. I thought it was awesome! Turns out that at least one of them was tossing random food bits and containers off the edge of the deck, which I discovered covered in ants. Awesome. Yes, of course I took a picture.

There ARE good things. For example, in a desperate attempt to get them to exercise, I got them to do a step class. First, they used our bathroom step stools, then (because they liked it) we got them real steps. Zoe was so smitten she decided to record this:

Need a good workout? That’s 13 minutes of good, safety-first exercise right there – FREE of charge! You’re welcome. That brilliant little girl also wrote this poem (some homework she DID do):

Deep, right? And so apropos.

I’m also proud to have crocheted a complete BLANKET for each child! Yes, it’s been in the 90s (up to 110 this past weekend), but eventually, I have to believe the fall will come. Zoe says so.

Speaking of this weekend, over the Labor Day long weekend, we went to see another drive-in movie! I so miss movies at the theater, which used to mean date night with my husband. And while this is not the same, it’s at least a safe experience, with a movie. Even if it was Kung Fu Panda.

To try and maintain our sanity, we also got to work this weekend trying to create some space for each of us to “live” in. Bart and I spent hours on Monday cleaning up the “behind the curtain” area of his office, which used to house a washer, a dryer, an old dishwasher from our kitchen remodel in 2017, a utility sink, two Barbie houses, a Woodsie house, and 4 boxes of random toys. It still has a washer/dryer, and I didn’t take a before photo (I should have), but I’m pretty pleased with the AFTER photo:

It’s a start. That daybed is 12 years old and has been hiding in our garage with no place to go, until now. It’s currently got a crappy kids’ mattress on it, but hopefully in a week or so it will have a comfy internet special mommy mattress where I can read, meditate and breathe.

We also ordered loft beds for the girls’ rooms to create much needed floor space for a desk and LEGO surfaces, since those tiny plastic bits are about to take over the entire house. Our hope is that by creating SPACE for all the crazy women in Bart’s life, we can all coexist more peacefully.

I’m not completely convinced. We shall see.

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