Adapting. The Video Version!

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You know what they say: Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

As you saw on the last post, there’s been no shortage of ideas coming our way from other parents out there, and one of the first ones was from my sister – free live ukulele lessons for kids – and we have 2 ukuleles the girls REALLY wanted and then never played… Even better, the live classes were recorded, so we could start at the beginning.

Day One was a hit, and I’ll go ahead and spoil the surprise and say that days 2+ were NOT a hit (oh, attention spans). But before the luster wore off, Ella wrote a song! Backstory would be helpful here: Bart used a clip-on tuner to tune the ukuleles before their lesson and showed Ella what it looked like on the tuner to be “in tune” for each note.

As you’d expect from a child who is mine, Ella fell in love with the F:


I talked her into the recording by getting her excited about telling Auntie Shawn about her newfound favorite note – that she could HIT (well, sort of and never consistently). Regardless, when her song hits the charts, you can say you heard it here first.

Another attempt to keep them busy during “Move Your Body” time was to get them on their bike / scooter, but since we’re both working, we can’t always go on a full ride around the neighborhood. Plus, social distancing. But ask two little girls to yield (or even figure out) right of way in your driveway, and that doesn’t always end up well.

Remember that chalk outline car track we came up with during the first weekend home? Though the rain had washed away the original, the girls were able to recreate not one but two tracks for their own use:


Mostly safe, right? And I have to say, I think they do a fairly good job of staying in their own lanes (when they are the ones to draw the lanes).

As you may also remember, Zoe has been taking voice lessons for a while from a local small music academy (concert from last December here). It’s hard to socially distance when you’re sitting with someone in a small room that hosts a bunch of children, one at a time, all day long. Ew. Not to fear, they shifted classes to a virtual format!

So on the first day of virtual class, I walked into our back room and found this setup:


My husband is brilliant. You’re looking at a laptop with camera for video, an external microphone so the teacher can hear her, and an iPad for her to access lyrics and run the background music for her songs, on a ladder. Seriously – did we ever really need to leave our house?!

I know the answer to that one: YES YES YES! But for now, I am continually thankful for all the technology my geek of a husband has collected over time – and to have the space to do the things we each need. to do

On that last point, I have to say that even with the “space” we’re fortunate to have I’ve felt stir crazy. I’m sure we’ll hit a groove, but for now I swear there’s always someone in the space, entering the space or needing to enter the space where I think I can be “alone”. And THAT said, I cannot imagine what it’s like right now living in a NYC apartment (for so many reasons), where there’s literally nowhere to go.

That’s when technology is ridiculously important right now, I’d say.

And to wrap up our video tour of how the Johnsons are adapting to this new normal, here’s something we all need: A Cat Party.


You, too, can access this gem of a video for free, at any time, repeatedly on YouTube – right here on GoNoodle. What fun! And you’re welcome. I can only hope if you have a cat that yours is just as excited about it as ours was. Oh, Jasmine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video journey of our current world, and I can only imagine there will be more opportunities to capture scenes that seem ridiculous. I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Adapting. The Video Version!

  1. I like Ella’s ukelele outfit… she looks like a total rocker with those cat ears! And it’s great to see Zoe still belting out the tunes! I see the “fun” in your “fun school.”

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