Planes, Hotels & In-Betweens


Some people are road warriors and love being on the go all the time. I am not one of those. However, I do like to travel, for the perspective you get from the experience.

Speaking of perspective, I particularly like views from a plane. There’s nothing like distance (from the ground) to remind us of how small we are – and therefore, how small our problems generally are in the overall scheme of things.

And so, I take pictures from planes – and hotel room windows. People often ask me if I have fun “getting to travel” or if I went to [fill in the blank popular tourist area or cool restaurant] when I was in [NY, SF, Chicago, etc]. Invariably my story disappoints, since what I most often get to see is the “in between” (anything in between the airport, the hotel, and the office/venue where I’m working). On the bright side, there’s a lot in between those, if you’re looking.

So here’s a collection of pictures from my recent travels to Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco (and even one from LA) over the past few months.

Let’s start with LA. Here’s a picture from the plane of the clouds of smoke rising from the El Segundo refineries that are very near LAX (the LA airport). I’m sure this has nothing to do with our little “smog” problem.


Here’s an “in between” picture I took over some mountains from a cross-country trip on some plane. I have no idea which mountains or which plane, but if YOU know, please share. Regardless, aren’t they gorgeous?!


In Atlanta I worked out of a WeWork location in the CODA building in Midtown, which houses the “world’s tallest spiral staircase“, who knew?  Here’s a picture of those stairs from the bottom looking up.


I’ve also seen some beautiful views in/around New York. With so much going on there, how could there not be a lot to see. Here’s a photo taken through the dirty window of a taxi as we crossed the bridge from JFK airport into NYC in the late afternoon:


And I guess I do get to see SOME tourist spots (from a distance). In between my hotel and our office, I caught two great views of the Empire State Building from the street and peeking through the trees on my way through Madison Square Park.


I also got two incredible photos through windows at the venue where we hosted our roundtable, the iHeart Radio offices on the 21st floor at 32 6th Avenue. How can anyone get work done with views like these all around?


I happen to love all the wooden water towers on top of the buildings in New York. Their history is fascinating, and believe it or not, they are still active (and necessary), even today. This one was right outside my hotel window.


Speaking of hotel views, these are not from my hotel but were from the hotel room of my coworker in San Francisco. I love the detail on the building and the lovely skyline.


Those are definitely interesting and expected views of San Francisco, but from a plane near the SFO airport, there are even MORE interesting views, if you ask me. This one is on the way home to LA – check out those grass-covered hills!


And these, which my camera labeled “San Gregorio” and “Portola Valley“, both small cities in San Mateo County.


Not your typical postcard views of SF. Nor are these salt flats, which have an interesting history of their own (and are a cool sight from the sky):


And last but not least, on my way out of NY, I caught these marvelous reflections of the sky in the water while flying over Rockaway Park, a neighborhood in Queens with a popular beach and harbor.


So no, I don’t get to do incredibly cool things in the incredibly cool cities I travel to for work. But I DO get to see some incredibly cool things from planes, hotels and the in-betweens of all the work I do while I’m there. And that’s something.


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