Grease is the Word

IMG_3964So the picture above is a bit of a spoiler, since it will soon be our costume(s) for “Halloween” night for the Disney Cruise we’re going on later this month. But it’s kind of the point.

Last year we were characters from The Incredibles (mostly), and this year we decided we wanted something simple that the whole family could easily pull off. I googled “easy Halloween costumes for groups” and made a list to send my sister. In case you ever are in a similar situation, here goes:

You’re welcome. Or sorry, depending on whether or not the following happens to you, too…

You see, my niece (who is 16 and the mostly likely one, I assumed, to choose not to participate if we picked something lame) chose the cast of Grease. Honestly, I didn’t care which one was chosen – never give an option you can’t live with, or at least expect it to be the one that’s chosen, right?

Plus, I love Grease. Though, which is about to be important, I haven’t watched it in many, many years. Which is why I didn’t think twice about showing it to our young children. In fact, I bravely chose a night that Bart would be at Game Night so we girls could watch it together, sing the songs and enjoy. Oh, Sandy.

What a mistake that was. Following is the actual text exchange between me and my husband while he was at game night (IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 OR FAINT OF HEART, YOU MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS PART):


Typos and crudeness aside (come on, we were both in shock), seriously?!

Now those of you who are smart would have had the sense to look for guidance online as Bart did (after the fact) on a resource like Common Sense Media, which recommends ages 12+ and has the following helpful graphic:

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 6.58.38 AM

OR preview the movie before showing it to small children. But I swear I didn’t walk away from Grease with any of those messages – so maybe they didn’t either? I likely also did not watch it at 4 or 8 years old (love you, Mom). My takeaways were the music, the love story and Sandy’s transformation, which I very much wanted. But anyway.

I can say for sure they love the songs and don’t seem to catch what those boys mean when they sing “Tell me more, Tell me more, Did she put up a fight?” I can also say that when we all dress up as Pink Ladies, they will have more perspective than “I like pink” and “Ooh, look at that polka dot scarf!“, which is what happened when I showed them the costumes we were ordering on Amazon.

Ella seems completely unfazed. Zoe, however, spent the following two weeks asking about high school… For the record, when she asked me DURING the movie with wide eyes “Is this what high school is going to be like?“, I immediately responded with “Absolutely NOT. This was back in the 50s and they didn’t know a lot about a lot of things. High school is totally different now“.

Oh, and she also asked if you “can really get pregnant in high school?” (thanks for that, Rizzo.) To that I responded emphatically, YES!

One day she will read this (hopefully after high school) and know I (sort of) lied. While a lot has changed, some things really haven’t… Without going too far, I will definitely say there’s a long way to go in the areas of gender equality and respect for women (and white males are mostly still in charge). I am at least thankful that most mainstream musical love stories today are not as blatant in their disrespect.

But I digress.

In the meantime, we powerful, confident females will be Pink Ladies for our cruise, so look out for those cute pictures and try (as I will) not to think about our daughters in high school.

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