Luck of the (part) Irish!


Wow, this year is moving FAST! March is almost over… amazing. But we’ve had plenty of fun to show for it! For St Patrick’s Day, the fun began on Friday at school, where Ella’s class had a party to celebrate, so we all began the day with some green fun.

You guessed it, GREEN CREPES:


Don’t judge the crepe by the sleepy girls’ expressions – they loved every minute of it (and I’m pretty sure you can put Nutella in any colored crepe and have fans at our house). Again, we had to strategically wrap them with the ‘brown side in’, since even green crepes get toasty on our super hot crepe pan.

Ella was ecstatic to go to school, where her class intended to “trick the leprechauns” into believing that Friday was the actual St Patrick’s Day (insert devilish little girl giggles), and where we showed up to tiny green footprints all over the school grounds. But prior to arrival, a lot of work went into finding JUST THE RIGHT outfit at home. Green, green and more green – complemented by multi-colored shoes (because “leprechauns love rainbows”) and sadly covered with a grey sweater due to the early morning weather.

But still, cute – especially with the “look, Ma, I’m smiling” smile and hand clasp (see bottom left corner of picture for one tiny green footprint):


A few nights earlier we went out to a sushi dinner, with cute Lucky headband (which she ironically could not find for her school outfit), where I skillfully monitored the first episode of Ella’s new show, “How to NOT eat sushi”:


No Ella’s were harmed in the making of that video, and I swear she knows how to actually eat a sushi roll, since sushi (though not the raw kind…) is without fail their favorite place to eat when they get to choose dinner.

But I digress.

On Sunday (the ACTUAL St. Patrick’s Day), we started our day out with some YouTube videos, as most people must?

We also shared “shamrock” (ish) shaped green pancakes and coloring pages with all things St. Patrick’s Day:


My mom also reminded us that HEY, we are IRISH! Well, part Irish, on my grandmother’s side. In 2001, my mom and I traveled to Ireland where we visited Blarney Castle, met lively Irishmen at a pub where we accidentally ordered the “tourist taster” of basically a whole tray of HALF PINTS of various beers, and looked into our Irish heritage, The Carrolls:


My grandmother’s maiden name was “Carroll”, passed along to my mother as a first name “Carol” – what a brilliant way to keep history alive. We “Wild Geese” know just how to rock it.

We ended St. Patrick’s Day by hosting our Book Club, complete with our friend Sarah bringing her own green food coloring and letting Zoe color her beer (which led to green water and green Chardonnay – and anything else anyone would let her color green, which thankfully was not a lot):


Those two cups are water, promise.

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