Be My Valentine.


For Valentine’s Day, we Johnsons shared the LOVE!

The constantly outnumbered patriarch of our family did not disappoint, starting the day with (you guessed it) PINK CREPES! Our girls LOVE morning Nutella crepes and probably get them at least once a week, but nothing says love to two little girls like PINK ones. By adding a drop of red food coloring and a little pink “sprinkle sugar” to the batter, we ended up with these:


My role in the crepes is the Nutella spreading, wrapping and distributing. I’ve been very open about the fact that I’m a terrible cook (except for mashed potatoes, I rock those, and New Year’s Day pork chops, Southern style). I’ve tried to spread that crepe batter fast enough in the pan (and for Christmas, we girls got Dad an actual crepe pan, which gets EVEN hotter…), but it’s just not meant for me.

And don’t ask me how this got started but both girls like chia seeds sprinkled inside (we call them Chia Pets). Note to self about the PINK ones: they seem to brown faster than the regular batter (probably that sugar), so always remember to wrap the BROWN side IN.

The girls put on their preferred Valentine’s Day outfits for school and brought their valentines to distribute, all with “To: YOU” on them, since teachers these days hate distributing them apparently. Maybe it’s a class size problem? Regardless, we delivered. Ella chose Shimmer & Shine tattoos, and Zoe choose two: Unicorn gel clings and Scratch & Sniff donut cards. Zoe brought chocolate for her two favorite teachers and extra valentines for her after school friends and coaches.

I love that we have two children who love to give. That’s a win.

For Valentine’s Day dinner, we one-upped those crepes with (you guessed it again) HEART SHAPED MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZAS!


I shared the pictures first in hopes you’d think we actually rolled out that dough. We did not. HOWEVER, I still think my husband is brilliant. He got Boboli pre-made crusts, which I cut into heart shapes, maximizing the surface area (hey, maybe I CAN cook?! ha).

Bart cut the pepperoni into hearts with cookie cutters, and the girls each made their own design. Can you guess who made which pizza? I bet you can’t.

Ella made the smiley face with doubled-up pepperoni for eyes. Zoe is in a “that’s good enough” phase. We’re working on it. Ella has some serious visual skills – her drawing and letters are pretty shocking for a 4-year-old (well, to me at least).

Regardless, I’m pretty sure the girls had a blast. What do you think?


Because Bart and I are still MOSTLY on the Keto Diet (yes, I know you can’t be “mostly on”, but hey), my sweet husband made us CHICKEN crust pizza… Those delicious ones above were just for the girls. I am grateful to have food at all, so don’t take this the wrong way (when people are still worried about having food on the table, you don’t look a gift chicken crust pizza in the mouth), but I cannot recommend it.

There’s something off about a chewy crust. But again, I’m thankful, and it was really the company and the love at our table that mattered more than food.

I know it’s a made-up holiday, but I’m going to enjoy every chance we have to celebrate with our family while these kids are little enough to get the BRIGHT EYES every time we make something special, even if it’s a silly thing like pink crepes or heart-shaped pizza.



2 thoughts on “Be My Valentine.

  1. Dude. I like that Zoe is in a “that’s good enough” phase. If only I could take a page from her book – think how much energy the rest of us have wasted chasing perfection!? (Super cute pizzas AND girls, btw!)

    1. Ha – “good enough” is a lot like “lazy” these days. We couldn’t make it through 10 mins of piano practice and at her teacher conference we just found out she’s doing things like “I feel like writing.” (one sentence) during her journaling time… Is that “good enough”? ;)

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