Happy New Year!


You’re probably dizzy from all the time jumps we’re making on this blog, but hey, since the blog is built for documentation, I’m pretty sure the primary audience (two cute little girls who have no idea this blog exists) won’t care one bit.

And you, dear reader/friend, will likely forgive me.

Let’s jump back in time to New Year’s Eve!

As is our tradition over the past few years, we spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Mary and Bardo and their wonder twin boys, Sebastian and Trecker, who are about 6 months older than Zoe.

Every year we aim to have “kid activities” and a yummy dinner, and this year those incredible boys wanted to… YOU GUESSED IT, SEW. Like sewing things. You know, with needle and thread. SEW.

So the idea was to “make clothes for your favorite stuffed animal”. I was certain this would end up being an adult-led (and not by me, since I can barely remember how to sew) activity that would add challenges to my “relax with a glass of wine” agenda. But no. Sebastian and Trecker had chosen special cloth (ironically our girls did the same thing!) for the girls to use, and they taught (and supervised!) our children to sew.

According to Zoe, the boys did more “leading” than “teaching” – in a “I know how to do this so I’ll help” sort of way, but that was perfect for sweet Ella, who is the only one that ended up with PJs for her pink tiger. Sounds like a win to me. The biggest win? They were entertained and enjoyed watching the pre-show New Year’s Rockin’ Eve musical acts, so all was well in the kids’ area.

As part of our tradition, I also brought a box of Oreos, since Bardo can actually MOVE AN OREO down his face from his forehead to his mouth without touching it. So we have fun every year trying to a) get him to do it again and b) talk the kids into trying. It’s hilarious.



In the kitchen we adults congregated as Bardo did the heavy lifting to make this delicious pork dish (maybe those apples didn’t fall far from that “I can do this” tree?). And around “midnight” (on the East Coast), we all celebrated during the countdown with noise-makers, hugs and shouting, as all good NYE parties should go.

Our ride home looked like this:



And how can you NOT think it’s going to be a great year when you end up with these?


I have no idea what the finger is all about in the first one, but I’m going to caption it:

It’s going to be ONE GREAT YEAR, Mom! I just know it.

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