Zoe’s Bucket List


This screenshot brought to you by SeeSaw, the app Zoe’s school uses to share with parents the cool things their kids do at school. From photos of class events, to pictures of their artwork or written projects, to videos of the students in group projects, to videos of the student explaining their work, it’s been a really terrific way to stay in touch with what Zoe’s doing at school.

Teachers can also text parents as a group with announcements, reminders or links to downloadable content or text one-on-one with questions or updates. I love it. Through this app we get to “love” and comment on each post, which the kids in turn get to see and enjoy. Welcome to social media, the mediated kind filled with positives and learning! If only the rest of the social media experience were as safe and educational. But I digress. (Speaking of digressing, WordPress, which never seems to catch my actual typos on these posts, is telling me that the “were” in the last sentence is wrong. I stand by my grammatical choice. So there.)

Back to the point of this post: ZOE!

Mr. Salmeron (Zoe’s teacher) had the students do the “Bucket List” activities in SeeSaw, which included the following:

  • Upload a picture of yourself to see what you’d look like at 100 years old (above)
  • Write a summary of what you will have done by 100 years old
  • Write a list of things you want to have done by the time you’re 100 (bucket list)
  • Draw a picture of what you want to look like at 100 years old
  • Make a voice recording of what you’ll do to be able to look like that

I cannot wait to share with you all we learned from THAT. First of all, here’s the rest of the content you can’t see from the picture above:


Talk about specifics! Don’t think this (along with a “booty dance” video of her at around 2 years old) won’t appear at her wedding to someone likely not named Peter. But who knows? Maybe she DOES know these things?

Her “Bucket List” is as follows:

  • have a husband
  • have 2 children
  • have a mansion
  • be rich
  • get a dog
  • write a book
  • be a Zoo Keeper
  • be a celebrity

Impressive, right? I suggested she get started right away. And here’s what she wants to LOOK LIKE when she is 100:


I can’t even write what I am thinking right now BUT for her sake, I hope she looks JUST like that at 100! Along with this artwork came an audio file, which my sister is going to kill me for, but hey, it’s funny.

To CLARIFY those remarks about my sister, they are 100% true from youth through high school. She is now a very neat and clean person with absolutely zero rooms in her lovely home that require a “path”. (Love you, Shawn)

Since this exercise, there have been several conversations about husbands and kids and mansions (apparently we do not live in one currently but our house is “big enough”). Bart just keeps reiterating that she can’t get married unless she goes to college, and she can’t have kids until she’s married.

Interestingly, Zoe said they didn’t TALK ABOUT their content much with the teacher at school, though I can’t blame him. I’ll bet there’s been plenty of playground chatter to make up for that.

Oh, and by the way, Zoe’s comment on her “aged” photo of what she’ll look like at 100?

I aged really well, Mom.


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