Eight is GREAT!


This year we did NOT have a huge party but are instead taking the girls on a Disney Cruise for their birthdays (thanks to my MOM!) I have to say, it’s weird NOT having a party, but after 4 “other people’s kids” birthday parties we have already attended in the past couple of weeks, I’m pretty sure they’re not missing out on partying…

As we’ve done for the past several years, Zoe requested dinner at Miceli’s, a restaurant that’s been around since 1949, where the servers are all singers and wander around singing show tunes (and kid movie tunes) at the top of their lungs on/off during dinner hours. Every year I LOVE to watch Zoe’s face as they sing a super loud birthday song:


Here’s a picture from the outside of the building before dinner:


Speaking of singing, I won’t go into great detail here but, thanks to Bart, Zoe and I also went to a Charlie Puth concert at the Greek Theater on the night of her first day of school (with Hailee Steinfeld – I had no idea who she was but apparently she’s been in a lot of movies and likes to perform live barely wearing anything at all…) Anyway, Charlie Puth is best known for songs like “We don’t talk anymore” (I bet you’d know it if you heard it). Zoe really likes his music and so, the whole Johnson family gets to enjoy him.

(Of course that’s apple juice – or just a good camera angle)

Now back to our birthday girl’s “birthday” weekend. With no party happening, we were free to attend a Labor Day weekend party at some friends’ house in La Jolla (near San Diego), where there were 7 kids who really like one another, a bunch of adults WE really like and lots of fun! Come on. This should be a blow-up swan ad, right?


We also went to a Sand Sculpture show on Broadway Pier in San Diego with our friends and saw some AMAZING sculptures:


(Guess which one’s the angel?)

Zoe got cake at Miceli’s, cake surrounded by lots of friends at our San Diego getaway, and will get cake NEXT weekend as we celebrate both girls at our friends’ house in Long Beach (their daughter has a September birthday, too) – OH AND we will of course celebrate the heck out of both birthdays in late September on a Disney ship!

I think that is ALMOST as good as the high intensity birthday parties we’ve hosted over the past 7 years. And before you (or they) ask, we will NOT be able to go on a Disney cruise as an annual tradition…

Speaking of tradition, as with the past 7 years, I (along with the girls) have thrown down the gauntlet for Bart to make his Birthday Cake masterpiece this year. I’d like to send a hearty “thank you” to the people of Pinterest. Stay tuned – I will most definitely be posting a picture of that!

Happy Birthday, Zoe!

Eight is GREAT on you :) May this year bring even more joy to you, as YOU bring joy to us!

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